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WWE SmackDown Live Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online (30th April 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 01, 2019 02:07 GMT

How will Kofi Kingston react to Kevin Owens' betrayal?


02:07 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

That's it from this week's SmackDown Live. I am Nishant, bidding you goodbye. Follow Sportskeeda for the latest pro wrestling news, rumours, and features.

Read the detailed results of SmackDown Live here.

Here are the results from today's matches: 

-- Becky Lynch defeats Bayley
-- Kairi Sane and Asuka defeat local competition in a tag team match
-- Roman Reigns defeats the B-Team
-- Ali and Finn Balor defeat Randy Orton and Andrade

02:04 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

02:04 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

01:59 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Kofi throws Owens over the commentary desk and then attacks him with the commentator's chair, but Owens retreats and walks away. 

01:58 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Owens then kicks the chair , and before he can continue his diatribe, Kofi Kingston arrives to the ring and the two attack each other. 

01:57 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Owens pulls out a Xavier Woods action figures and places it on the chair, and then places a Big E action figure next to it. 

01:56 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Owens asks Xavier Woods to come to the ring, but there's no sign of him...

01:56 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

01:55 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Kevin Owens will host the KO Show and his special guest for tonight will be Xavier Woods. Woods and Owens attacked each other earlier in the night. 

Owens once again says that at Money in the Bank, he will relieve Kofi Kingston of the burden of being the WWE Champion. 

01:48 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

01:47 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Ember Moon and Carmella are announced as the final two competitors in the women's Money in the Bank ladder match.

01:47 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

01:47 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

01:45 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Orton lands the RKO on Finn Balor, but Ali throws Orton out of the ring. 

01:45 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Ali counters with a dropkick to Orton and both Superstars tag in their partners. Balor lands a basement dropkick and then stomps Andrade. Andrade then counters with a kick to his head, and Balor replies with a kick of his own. Balor and Ali land suicide dives on Andrade and Orton respectively. Zelina Vega interferes which gives Andrade the chance to land the double knees.

Ali tags in and lands the 450.

Ali and Finn Balor defeat Randy Orton and Andrade

01:42 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Back from the break, Orton lands a beautiful powerslam and goes for the pinfall, but Ali kicks out. 

01:38 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Orton and Ali kick things off in this tag team match. Ali lands a quick kick on both Orton and Andrade, before he's pushed off the apron by Orton. 

01:36 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

01:35 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Next, we are going to see a tag team match where the four Superstars from SmackDown Live who will be a part of the men's Money in the Bank ladder match - Ali, Finn Balor, Randy Orton, and Andrade will face off. Ali and Balor vs Orton and Andrade!

01:25 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

01:25 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Reigns goes after Elias but Elias throws The Big Dog into the barricade and the post, and Axel tries to take advantage of the situation as Elias is now the referee, but Reigns kicks out. Elias then brings in his guitar but Reigns lands a Superman Punch on him. He lands a spear on Axel and gets the win. 

Roman Reigns defeats the B-Team

01:25 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

01:22 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Reigns lands a Superman Punch on Dallas and Axel but before the referee can complete the three count, Elias pulls out the referee. 

01:21 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Dallas has Reigns in a sleeper hold and The Big Dog counters as he knocks down Bo Dallas. Axel is tagged in but Reigns sidesteps him as Axel runs into the ringpost. Reigns lands huge clotheslines on Axel and then a Samoan Drop, but Axel somehow kicks out. 

01:17 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

01:16 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Reigns counters once again with a Samoan Drop on Dallas and goes for the pinfall, but Dallas kicks out. A distraction from Elias helps Axel and Dallas land a few kicks. 

01:15 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Bo Dallas puts Reigns in a headlock; Reigns counters with a clubbing blow. Curtis Axel is tagged in and after landing a DDT, goes for the cover, but Reigns just kicks out. 

01:09 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

... and Shane introduces a special guest referee enforcer for the match - Elias.

01:08 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Reigns challenges Shane to come to the ring but Shane doesn't have time and that he has to get in shape for his Steel Cage match at Money in the Bank. 

Shane says that there are many Superstars in the back waiting to face Reigns, and introduces the B-Team, and that Reigns will face both of them in a handicap match. 

01:06 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Shane McMahon interrupts Reigns, and reminds him that the "McMahon family owns all the land". Reigns retorts by saying "your daddy owns the land" and reminds him how he attacked Vince McMahon. 

01:04 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Reigns says it wasn't his plan to attack Mr. McMahon on SmackDown Live but he wanted to send a message across and would have attacked anyone. 

01:03 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

01:03 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

01:01 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Mandy Rose may be one of the women from SmackDown Live in the women's Money in the Bank ladder match. 

00:56 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

00:55 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Sane is tagged in and lands the Insane Elbow and the three count.

Kairi Sane and Asuka defeat local competition in a tag team match

00:54 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Kairi Sane and Asuka face off against some local talent in a tag team match. Sane and Asuka double team with a few kicks. Asuka then lands some quick punches and kicks. 

00:51 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

00:51 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Mustafa Ali, Finn Balor, Andrade, and Randy Orton are the four Superstars from SmackDown Live that will be involved in the Money in the Bank ladder match, as they join the four men from RAW - Braun Strowman, Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Ricochet. 

00:48 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

00:45 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

00:45 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

00:43 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

00:43 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Sullivan attacks Matt Hardy and throws him out of the ring. Jeff Hardy tries to attack Sullivan and R-Truth hits Sullivan with a steel chair but to no avail as Truth is destroyed again.

00:41 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

Jeff Hardy says he needs surgery and that he will be out for a long time. Matt Hardy says that the Hardy Boyz must give up their SmackDown Tag Team titles as Jeff and Matt Hardy relinquish their titles. 

Lars Sullivan once again makes his way to the ring...

00:40 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

00:40 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

The Hardy Boyz are in the ring, as Jeff Hardy is in crutches. Jeff Hardy is asked what his current condition is like to which he replies by introducing a video montage of Lars Sullivan's destruction of him and other WWE Superstars. 

00:33 (GMT)1 MAY 2019

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