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WWE SmackDown Live Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online (7th May 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 10, 2019 10:04 GMT

Who will be crowned as the new SmackDown Live Tag-Team Champions?


02:06 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

That's it from me, Nishant, for this week's SmackDown show. Here are the results from the show:

-- Andrade vs Ali ends in disqualification
-- Daniel Bryan and Rowan defeat The Usos to become SmackDown Tag Team champions
-- Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville defeat Ember Moon and Carmella
-- Kofi Kingston defeats Sami Zayn and AJ Styles to retain the WWE Championship

You can read the full results here!

02:05 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

01:58 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Kofi lands Trouble in Paradise on Zayn and gets the three count!

Kofi Kingston defeats Sami Zayn and AJ Styles to retain the WWE Championship.

01:58 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

... and the third one. But Kofi doesn't want to give his title up tonight! He kicks out! Zayn can't believe it. 

01:57 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Kofi lands a Trouble in Paradise on Styles, which throws Styles to the outside. And out of nowhere, Kevin Owens attacks Xavier Woods, throwing him into the steel stairs. Zayn, thanks to the distraction, lands the Blue Thunderbomb but Kofi kicks out; he connects once more, for the second time, but Kofi kicks out once again!

01:54 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

01:53 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Styles then puts Kofi's neck on his knee; Kofi completes an SOS on Styles but Kofi doesn't have the energy to cover Styles. 

01:52 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Zayn tries another superplex, this time on Styles, but Styles pulls his legs out. 

01:51 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Kofi lands a kick to Zayn's head and then goes to the top, but Zayn lands a punch. Zayn then lands a superplex from the top rope! He goes for the pinfall but Kofi once again kicks out.

01:50 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Zayn lands a sit-out powerbomb on Kofi, but can't get the win. Styles and Zayn exchange punches, before Zayn lands a DDT from the top. Kingston breaks up the pinfall, though. 

01:47 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

01:47 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

01:44 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Zayn eats two clotheslines from Kofi and Styles, and then Kofi takes Styles down with a shot to the head, followed by a Boom Drop. Kofi tries the Trouble in Paradise, but Zayn pulls both Kofi and then Styles off the apron.

01:43 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Styles lands a backbreaker on Kofi, and then lands vicious chops on Zayn. Kofi tries to catch Styles off guard with a roll up cover, but Styles kicks out. Kofi, from the top, lands a splash to the back of Styles, but Styles once again just kicks out.

01:42 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

The match kicks off with Styles landing a huge kick on Kofi; Kofi lands a dropkick from the top rope, but Styles kicks out. Now Zayn is the one to receive a dropkick from Kofi. 

01:37 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Next, we have the WWE Championship match where Kofi Kingston will defend his title against AJ Styles and Sami Zayn.

01:35 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

01:32 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Aleister Black cuts another chilling promo.

01:28 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

01:25 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Matt Hardy is interviewed backstage, and is joined by R-Truth, as the two talk about Lars Sullivan, with Truth calling him vicious. Truth and Hardy don't realise that Sullivan is right behind him as he goes on to brutalise both of them yet again!

01:22 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Paige makes her way to the ring with Asuka and Kairi Sane and she announces a match between Asuka and Sane, and Rose and Deville for next week!

01:22 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Moon lands a crossbody on Rose followed by an enzuigiri, and then a suicide dive on Deville. Rose takes advantage of the situation and gets her finisher and the win!

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville defeat Ember Moon and Carmella

01:20 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Next, we have a tag team match between the team of Carmella and Ember Moon against Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Deville goes for the quick pinfall but Carmella kicks out. Ember Moon is tagged in, who takes out Deville and lands multiple kicks and a knocks down Rose. 

01:14 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Shane McMahon returns with a steel chair and attacks The Miz, like The Miz did to Shane last night on RAW.

01:14 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

... and the B-Team are now attacking The Miz. 

01:13 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Shane McMahon has an announcement to make about the Money in the Bank ladder match... and before he can make the announcement, The Miz attacks Shane McMahon out of nowhere. 

01:06 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

01:03 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Jey and Jimmy go for the Double Uce but Bryan is thrown out. Jey lands a superkick on Rowan and Bryan, but Rowan lands the Iron Claw and the three count. We have new champions!

Daniel Bryan and Rowan defeat The Usos to become SmackDown Tag Team champions

01:01 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Bryan lands multiple kicks to Jey; Jimmy is tagged in, who lands a superkick to Bryan, but Bryan just kicks out. Jimmy goes to the top but Bryan has his knees up and Bryan puts Jimmy in a Lebell Lock. He counters with a roll-up cover, followed by a superkick. Jey and Rowan are tagged in. Jey goes for the crossbody but is caught by Rowan; Jey gets out of it and after a few Superkicks and a splash by Jimmy, Jimmy goes for the pinfall, but Rowan kicks out!

00:55 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Bryan goes to work on Jimmy's left hand and Rowan is tagged once again; Jimmy is then knocked down viciously by Rowan. 

00:53 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Bryan is tagged in and now it's the time for Rowan and Bryan to double team against Jimmy, but he kicks out. 

00:52 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

The Usos double team and go for the quick pinfall but Bryan kicks out. They continue to dominate with a double elbow drop, but Bryan kicks out once again. Rowan is now tagged in and Jimmy lands a few blows but Rowan gets a big boot on Jimmy followed by a huge splash!

00:46 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

00:46 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

... and it's going to happen! Bryan and Rowan vs The Usos for the SmackDown Tag Team titles!

00:46 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

The Usos aren't happy at Shane McMahon handing over the tag team titles to Bryan and Rowan. The Usos demand a match for the SmackDown Tag Team titles. 

00:43 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

... and now The Usos are on SmackDown Live! The former SmackDown Tag Team champions are now on RAW. 

00:43 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Shane announces the tag team worthy of being SmackDown Tag Team champions... and the team is Daniel Bryan and Rowan! Wow! We didn't see that coming at all. 

00:41 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Shane McMahon talks about The Miz's attack on him last night on RAW and says that he will win at Money in the Bank. 

00:38 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

00:31 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

00:29 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

00:26 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Andrade and Ali are on the top, and Ali lands a Spanish Fly from the top rope... and out of nowhere, Randy Orton attacks Ali but Ali retaliates with multiple punches; Orton then lands an RKO on both Andrade and Ali!

Andrade vs Ali ends in disqualification

00:21 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Ali lands a huge super kick and then a kick; Zelina Vega's interference helps Andrade bring Ali to the floor. 

00:20 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

00:16 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

WWE have just announced that Kofi Kingston will face Sami Zayn and AJ Styles in a triple threat match for the WWE Championship tonight. 

00:15 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

00:15 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

00:11 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

00:10 (GMT)8 MAY 2019

Kofi says that he's a fighting champion and that he will put the title on the line tonight against Zayn or Styles. 
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