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  • WWE SmackDown Live Results (October 14, 2022): Strange figure sends cryptic message to Bray Wyatt, Big debut, Superstar gets in car crash and misses main event

WWE SmackDown Live Results (October 14, 2022): Strange figure sends cryptic message to Bray Wyatt, Big debut, Superstar gets in car crash and misses main event

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 15, 2022 02:10 GMT

Welcome to Spotskeeda Wrestling's live coverage of WWE SmackDown.


02:03 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

That's it for our live coverage of WWE SmackDown this week. Thanks for joining us on Sportskeeda and we'll see you Monday night for WWE RAW!

02:00 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:59 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

We get a strange figure on the titantron sending a cryptic message to Bray Wyatt. The show then suddenly cuts to black and ends.

01:58 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Bray Wyatt says he met a lot of people over the last year who told him that his story had connected with them when they were going through tough times. Wyatt says that the fans were there for him when he was weak and vulnerable and thanks everyone for saving his life. He says when he lost hope, the fans found him.

01:56 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Bray takes the mic and says he's incredibly grateful and nervous. He says that this is a version of him that the fans have never seen before, him being him. He says that he lost a lot of things in the last year and is clearly emotional. He says he lost his career, lost his self confidence as well as two people who were very close to him. Bray says he lost his way and thought everything he had done in the ring was meaningless.

01:54 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:53 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

HE'S HERE! Bray Wyatt has returned to WWE SmackDown and is on his way down to the ring.

01:52 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:51 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

The fireflies are out tonight as we get ready for Bray Wyatt's return.

01:51 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:49 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:49 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Bray Wyatt will return to WWE SmackDown for the first time in 2 years... NEXT!

01:49 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:49 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:47 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Sami Zayn and Jey Uso attack Sheamus at ringside as Butch comes out to join the brawl. Meanwhile in the ring, Rey Mysterio goes for the 619 on Ricochet but the move is block. Rey goes for it again but hits it. The former WWE Champion heads to the top rope and hits the Frog Splash, paying tribute to Eddie Guerrero, and that's enough to put Ricochet away. Rey gets a shot at the WWE Intercontinental Championship!

Rey Mysterio wins!

01:45 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Sheamus hits Solo Sikoa with more than 20 of his trademark chops across the chest. He follows it up with an Irish Curse backbreaker before locking in the Clover Leaf on Solo. Jey Uso and Sami Zayn get involved and Sheamus takes them out. Solo then takes out Sheamus.

01:43 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Ricochet joins Sheamus on the top rope and Rey Mysterio joins them. Rey and Ricochet try to suplex Sheamus. Solo comes in and hits a double powerbomb to Mysterio and Ricochet.

01:42 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Back from the break and Solo Sikoa is still dominating this match. This has been really impressive from the Bloodline member. Solo hits Rey Mysterio with a headbutt and then goes after Sheamus. Both men trade strikes, neither man backing off. Sheamus finally knocks down Solo with a boot from the corner and then lifts himself upto the top rope.

01:39 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:39 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:39 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Solo Sikoa is back in the ring and he wipes out Ricochet and then Rey Mysterio. Sheamus is in the ring now but Solo takes him with a spinning kick as we head to a commercial break.

01:38 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Solo Sikoa goes after Sheamus. Ricochet and Rey Mysterio now square off inside the squared circle. Rey with a single leg take down followed by a hurricanrana but Ricochet lands on his feet. Mysterio hits a moonsault off the middle rope followed by a suplex. He then heads to the top rope but can't connect with his dive. 

01:36 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

BREAKING: After speaking to Triple H, Rey Mysterio is officially a part of the SmackDown roster now.

01:35 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

We're back from the commercial break as Sheamus tries to catch Ricochet in the Clover Leaf. Sheamus wipes Ricochet out with a clothesline and then hits Rey Mysterio with a backbreaker.

01:34 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:31 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:31 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Ricochet vs Sheamus vs Solo Sikoa vs Rey Mysterio

The winner of this match gets a shot at Gunther's Intercontinental Championship. Solo Sikoa and Ricochet brawl out to ringside. Rey sends Sheamus crashing out of the ring and hits a dive over the ropes and out to ringside.

01:29 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Karrion Kross will be unable to compete in the main event because of inury. He will be replaced by Rey Mysterio!

01:27 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:21 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Sonya Deville is being interviewed backstage and she takes shots at former SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan. Morgan is in no mood for it and attacks Deville from behind. She sets Deville up on a table and climbs some equipment backstage and dives off, hitting a leg drop.

01:19 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Top Dolla and Ashante Adonis vs Legado Del Fantasma

Top Dolla starts off strong for his team but Santos Escobar comes out from the back and takes out Ashante Adonis. Zelina Vega takes out B-Fab.

Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro are all over Top Dolla. Wilde and Del Toro take Top Dolla out with their finisher and that's enough for the three count.

Legado Del Fantasma def. Top Dolla and Ashante Adonis

01:16 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:16 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

<Insert Caption>

01:15 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

We get a backstage segment teasing the debut of another Superstar, likely to join the Viking Warriors. It could be the return of Sarah Logan.

01:13 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:13 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:10 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Hit Row will be in action next against Legado Del Fantasma's Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro. This will be the latter's in-ring debut on SmackDown.

01:07 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

01:06 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

In the ring, Bayley hits a Bayley To Belly but only gets a nearfall. Perez hits a hurricanrana from the top rope but only gets 2. Bayley rolls Roxanne Perez up and manages to keep her down for the 3-count. A very impressive debut from Roxanne Perez even though she couldn't get the win for her team.

Damage Ctrl def. Raquel Rodriguez, Roxanne Perez and Shotzi

01:04 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Raquel Rodriguez tags in and clears house. She goes after Sky and Kai at ringside. Rodriguez goes to powerbomb Kai but Sky hits her with a moonsault. Shotzi then wipes out Dakota Kai with a dive from the top rope.

01:02 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Back in the ring, Perez hits Bayley with a leg sweep and gets a 2-count. Shotzi and Dakota Kai tag in. Shotzi hits Kai with a boot to the head. She then takes out Io Sky at ringside but Kai catches Shotzi with a PK. Damage Ctrl trade tags and work on Perez.

01:00 (GMT)15 OCT 2022

Bayley, Io Sky and Dakota Kai vs Roxanne Perez, Shotzi and Raquel Rodriguez

Roxanne Perez and Dakota Kai start things off. Perez avoids Kai's offense and takes her down with a head scissors. Io Sky tags in and goes ater Perez who has been very impressing so far. Sky grabs Perez by the hair but the NXT star hits hurricanrana. Perez then hits Bayley with a dive out to ringsde.
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