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WWE SmackDown Live Results (October 6, 2023): John Cena & LA Knight Unite With Top RAW stars, Judgment Day-Bloodline teases, new debut!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 07, 2023 01:59 GMT

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01:59 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

The babyfaces stand tall to close the show. Fastlane should be a good one.

Thank you for joining us for the Friday Night SmackDown live coverage! Be sure to join us for Fastlane coverage beginning at 8 PM EST tomorrow!

01:56 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Cody Rhodes is back out, too! The crowd cheers and sings his song, but things erupt, and Judgment Day and Jimmy Uso fight the babyfaces!

Interestingly, Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa teased walking away, but Solo snuck back into the ring for a face-off with Cena. Loud "Cena" chants. Solo drops Cena, but Knight drops Solo!

JD McDonagh then gets hit with a superkick from Jey, the BFT from Knight, and the five knuckle shuffle and AA from John Cena.

Cody Rhodes then removes his weight belt and finishes JD with the Crossrhodes! The WWE Avengers have assembled. 

01:53 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

The crowd loudly chants "Cody" as they surround Cena and Knight, but Jey's music hits! Jey Uso is back on SmackDown and running out for the save!

01:52 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Solo Sikoa attacks Knight, and the match ends by DQ.

LA Knight wins by disqualification.

John Cena runs out for the save! But Judgment Day's music plays, and the fierce five come to ringside. Cole questions who they're there for. Heyman shakes Rhea's hand and says authorized! The Bloodline and Judgment Day are united!

01:51 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Back from break, LA Knight is trying to fight back. He trades punches with Jimmy and goes for a big sunset flip onto the knees! The crowd didn't seem to grasp the move, but it could be fun if he keeps using it.

Russian leg sweep and DDT by Knight, followed by YEAH! Stomps in the corner. Cover attempt, but Jimmy kicks out at two. The two trade some shots, but Knight ultimately hits the LA Knight's Elbow!

01:47 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

LA Knight and Jimmy Uso start pretty basic, trading headlocks. The commentary team discusses how Roman Reigns may react to Jimmy Uso's recent behavior, even noting that The Tribal Chief has yet to officially confirm that Jimmy is back in the faction. The crowd chanting for LA Knight!

Knight hits a big powerslam, but Jimmy kicks out. Uso tries to hit a superkick. Knight dodges it and attempts the BFT, but Jimmy gets away and runs to ringside. Knight follows Jimmy to the floor and intimidates Heyman. 

Jimmy hits a big kick on Knight that sends The Megastar to the floor. Uso then follows things up with a superkick on the floor as we go to break. 

01:42 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Pretty Deadly returns next week for a match with Ridge Holland and Butch!

Roman Reigns returns to SmackDown next week.

Triple H will make a special appearance next week!

01:40 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

After running down the card for Fastlane, Jimmy Uso made his way ringside with Paul Heyman by his side. Notably, Solo Sikoa is not with the former tag team champion. Neither is Judgment Day.

The match starts after the break!

Jimmy Uso vs. LA Knight

01:36 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

WWE airs a recap of the drama between Shinsuke Nakamura and Seth Rollins from RAW, with Damian Priest shown watching it, holding the Money in the Bank briefcase. Commentators tease a cash-in. 

Corey Graves interestingly says the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist; a line CM Punk was known to use. Coincidence? 

01:32 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Backstage with the LWO. Santos, Zelina, and Rey reveal that Cruz and Wilde won't be available tomorrow for Fastlane.

Rey says he will make a phone call. Could Carlito join the two at Fastlane?!

01:27 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Backstage, Rhea Ripley is shown talking to Jimmy Uso. The two seem to be on the same page. We then go to the commercial, but not before another ad for NXT featuring Asuka, John Cena, Paul Heyman, and Cody Rhodes. 

Plus, another gong could be heard. Will The Deadman return?

01:25 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

As Dragon Lee attempts to return to the ring, Waller stops and smashes Lee's face on the apron behind the referee's back. Cameron Grimes then shows up and hits Waller! Austin is distracted long enough for Dragon Lee to roll Theory up for the pin!

Dragon Lee defeated Austin Theory by pinfall

Cameron Grimes and Dragon Lee celebrate together post-match.

01:24 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Austin Theory puts Dragon Lee on the top rope. He goes for a superplex, but Lee fights out and hits a massive double stomp! Waller pulls Austin out before Theory can get pinned, but Dragon Lee dives onto both men AND lands on his feet! He is sensational! 

01:24 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Austin takes the advantage back. The crowd chants "let's go Dragon". Grayson cheers Theory on from ringside. 

Theory hits repeated big punches to Lee. He goes for a clothesline but Dragon Lee floats over and hits a sit-down powerbomb on the former US Champion! Dragon climbs to the top rope but Waller provides a distraction. Austin hits the ropes and Lee gets crotched on the rope. Theory hits a crazy suplex variation but Lee manages to kick out at 2!

01:21 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Roman Reigns' return is confirmed for the season premiere of SmackDown next week!

Back to the match, Lee is fighting back and gaining momentum. 

01:19 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Theory doesn't have the advantage for long, as Dragon Lee starts fighting back. He hits a snap German Suplex, and Theory rolls to the floor. Waller provides a distraction, which allows Austin to hit his rolling dropkick!

We go to commercials with Austin in control, and Lee outnumbered. 

01:17 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Austin Theory vs. NXT's Dragon Lee is next. Lee has been rumored for a main roster call-up.

Austin Theory vs. Dragon Lee

Before the bell rings, Austin brags about his hits on social media and insults Dragon Lee. The bell rings, and Dragon immediately fights off Theory, hitting a big hurricanrana and a kick combo! However, Grayson Waller's music interrupts the match as he comes down the ringside. The distraction allows Theory to get the advantage.

01:13 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Another very cool and spooky vignette airs for The Unholy Union! They've been absent, but they're very talented.

01:08 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Paul Heyman tells Rhea she's in the wrong locker room to say something like that. Rhea says Paul will acknowledge her just like Jey Uso did on RAW. "Otherwise, we're going to find out who's stronger, The Judgment Day or The Bloodline." 

01:07 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

The attack on Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro has both seemingly injured as Rey, Zelina, and Santos check on the pair.

Backstage, Rhea Ripley is still talking to Heyman. She is pushing for a union between the two top factions! Paul Heyman says he needs to make a call to get it authorized, but Rhea says it is approved. She then tells Heyman to "acknowledge me!"

01:04 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Back in the ring, 619 to Lashley's body and then one to his face! Rey tries climbing to the top, but The Street Profits cause a distraction. A fight begins with The Profits and the LWO. Rey continues to be distracted, attacking both Profits.

As soon as Mysterio gets in the ring, he's savaged with a brutal spear. Lashley then pins the Hall of Famer.

Bobby Lashley wins by pinfall

Santos chases the trio out with a chair.

01:02 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Rey backs Lashley into the corner and hits repeated punches. However, Lashley's power is too much, and he attempts to suplex the Hall of Famer. Rey uses his knees to get out of it and drops Lashley on the ropes! 619! But no, Bobby caught him. Rey holds onto the ropes for dear life. Lashley then smashes Rey and knocks him to the floor.

Bobby takes control outside the ring but then attacks Santos out of nowhere. Rey goes for a dive, but Bobby catches him! He slams Rey into the post again, but Mysterio slides down his shoulders, and Bobby hits it instead!

01:00 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Rey tries to climb the top rope, but Bobby stops him. Rey is set in the tree of woe, and Lashley takes advantage of it with kicks and a running shoulder tackle. He tries for another, but Rey sits up, and Lashley hits the buckle!

Rey climbs to the top and hits a seated senton! Mysterio then targets Lashley's knee with kicks, but Lashley tries to slow Rey down with a slam. The Hall of Famer turns it into a big DDT for a nearfall.

00:59 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Back from break, Bobby Lashley has Rey Mysterio locked in a bear hug. During the break, Bobby slammed the Hall of Famer into the ringpost.

The crowd is still behind both men as Rey starts fighting back. Big Irish whip slams Rey into the buckle, and Lashley locks in another bearhug. Rey starts nailing headbutts. Lashley puts Rey down and clubs him. Another big Irish whip and another bearhug. The crowd boos Lashley this time. The crowd starts getting behind Mysterio, who breaks out of it again!

Big blows from Rey on the apron and a kick to Lashley's head.

00:54 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

The bell rings, and there are loud Bobby chants. The crowd seems split as the chants died down, though.

The ringside area is busy with the LWO and The Street Profits circling the ring. There is no confirmation yet on which three members of the LWO will compete at Fastlane.

Bobby dominates early on, using his strength to push around the Hall of Famer immediately. Lashley is wrestling like a heel, even if he's still popular. Big kicks in the corner and grinding the boot against Rey's face. Lashley whips Rey, but Mysterio picks up the pace only to be slowed down by a kick. Rey counters a power move, hits a kick, and then a Lionsault! 

Rey dumps Lashley to the floor and teases a 619, but Bobby gets out of the way as we go to break again.

00:50 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

In the NXT ad, ahead of the commercial break, a gong was heard. Will The Undertaker appear on NXT?

Bobby Lashley is now entering with Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins in suits by his side.

00:46 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

This upcoming match with Bobby Lashley will be his first TV match in around four months.

00:45 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Replay from Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits attacking the LWO. The challenge from last week and Lashley's crew accepting it is then shown. Twice now, footage from The SmackDown LowDown has been shown on TV.

Rey Mysterio is out next! He is joined by the entire LWO ahead of his match with Bobby Lashley. They don't go backstage. Instead, they all join him in the ring. This one starts next!

Rey Mysterio vs. Bobby Lashley

00:42 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

LA Knight and Jimmy Uso confirmed to be the main event.

Backstage in the Bloodline locker room, Rhea Ripley demands everybody leaves, stating she needs to have a chat with Heyman. Priest and Solo are slow to leave, but Rhea asks Damian to go and he does. Paul then does the same to Solo. Loud Mami chants. "Let's talk" - Rhea Ripley.

00:37 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

The Bloodline is shown backstage. They enter their locker room and see The Judgment Day with JD McDonagh. Jimmy suggests they're in the wrong locker room, but Balor says they're exactly where they're supposed to be before the commercial break hits.

Judgment Day-Bloodline tension, or are they uniting?

00:36 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Charlotte hits the big boot on Bayley, but IYO hits the Meteora! Bayley directs traffic as a Charlotte chant starts. Eventually, Charlotte attempts to hit another big boot on Bayley but hits Asuka instead! Bayley mocks Charlotte and goes for Figure 8, only to get kicked into IYO! Both teammates accidentally hit their partners!

Natural Selection, 1, 2, 3!

Charlotte Flair and Asuka win by pinfall!

00:34 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Charlotte Flair is getting a massive reaction from the crowd as she delivers big chops to Bayley and then a fallaway slam to IYO SKY.

Flair attempts her handspring clothesline, but it backfires. However, Bayley didn't have the advantage for long, and Charlotte hits the same move shortly thereafter for the nearfall. 

Asuka gets a blind tag on Charlotte and places Bayley on the ropes. Charlotte tags back in, and the two go for a double superplex! IYO shows up and hits both women first. TOWER OF DOOM!

00:32 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Bayley taunts Asuka and knocks Charlotte off of the apron. From there, IYO and Bayley hit a double flapjack on Asuka. Flair breaks up the pinfall and Corey mentions the rarely discussed rule of one legal breakup in a tag team match. Asuka then begins fighting back but can't pin IYO. SKY hits back but Asuka lands a blow of her own. The crowd is ready for Charlotte to get in. 

Finally, Asuka gets the hot tag, and Bayley tags in. Charlotte hits a big crossbody off the top!

00:30 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Back from break and Damage CTRL is in control. Bayley is working over Asuka before tagging IYO in. Despite their tension before, the two are seemingly working well together now. IYO locks Asuka in body scissors as The Role Model mocks the Empress on the apron.

Bayley tags back in and delivers big stomps to Asuka, but Asuka starts fighting back. She hits big body blows, but Bayley forces The Empress back into IYO SKY's corner. 

00:25 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Despite the issues between Bayley and SKY, The Role Model pushed IYO out of the way from an attack and took the hit. It didn't help, though, as Asuka laid out both Damage CTRL members as they go to another commercial break.

00:24 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

The commentary team emphasizes that despite Asuka and Charlotte Flair being on opposite sides on Saturday, they have a history together, even once holding the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles together. They then recap the issues between Bayley and IYO.

SKY and Flair start the match. IYO shows off her athleticism with big headscissors, but Charlotte takes control with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Charlotte tags Asuka in to applause from the crowd. She lights IYO up with chops as Michael Cole promotes NXT and Asuka battles Roxanne Perez on Tuesday.

Asuka gets a nearfall with a sunset flip, and the two talented Japanese stars go back and forth. IYO tries to tag in Bayley, but miscommunication prevents it.

00:21 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Back from break WWE Women's Champion IYO SKY, Bayley, and the still-injured Dakota Kai make their way out to the ring. It is noted that SmackDown is the #1 trend in the world on Twitter or X.

IYO SKY has been a great champion. Dakota being around, even if not competing, adds a lot to the package.

00:16 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Charlotte Flair out next for tag team action. 

Charlotte Flair & Asuka vs. Damage CTRL (Bayley & IYO SKY)

The match begins next!

00:14 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

The Judgment Day is shown in the back. Damian Priest seems annoyed JD McDonagh is there, but Rhea Ripley okays it.

00:12 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Heyman makes Sikoa and Uso back down. Knight mentions that they don't have permission from their "little chief." He then challenges Jimmy Uso to a big one-on-one match later tonight, threatening to punt Jimmy to the moon. Jimmy says yes, much to Paul's chagrin. 

00:11 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Jimmy Uso cuts off LA Knight's comeback and says LA won't make it to Fastlane. As they go to attack, John Cena saves the day! He runs out and stands by The Megastar.

00:09 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Paul Heyman says the next big megastar will be LA Knight, referencing his history of predicting top stars. He mentions Knight's momentum but is interrupted by the crowd loudly chanting for The Megastar. 

Heyman notes the chants anger him. He then offers his condolences, stating that Knight has earned Heyman's attention and that The Bloodline needs to do something about it.

00:06 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Kevin Patrick, Michael Cole, and Corey Graves preview the big Fastlane tag team match with LA Knight and John Cena. Cole calls it the biggest match of Knight's career.

LA Knight receiving incredibly loud chants. The fans LOVE him. 

"Let me talk to ya." He's then immediately interrupted by Paul Heyman, Solo Sikoa, and Jimmy Uso.

00:04 (GMT)7 OCT 2023

Standard Then, Now, Forever, Together opening.

A look back at LA Knight aligning with John Cena to stand up to Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso starts things off. Jimmy Uso's theme is too good. The SmackDown intro then plays, followed by pyro.

LA Knight out first to a huge pop!

23:59 (GMT)6 OCT 2023

Welcome to the final Friday Night SmackDown before Fastlane!

The following matches have been announced for the show:

- Austin Theory vs. NXT's Dragon Lee.
- Bobby Lashley vs. Rey Mysterio.
- Damage CTRL vs. Charlotte Flair & Asuka.
Plus, Judgment Day, Jey Uso, and Cody Rhodes are set to appear alongside the top stars of the blue brand.
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