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WWE SmackDown Live Results (September 1, 2023): Solo Sikoa vs AJ Styles

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 02, 2023 02:02 GMT

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02:02 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Jimmy definitely deserves it...

02:00 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

That's it for SmackDown, folks! Thanks for following along with us! We'll see you tomorrow for WWE Payback!

01:59 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

After the match, Jimmy seemingly aligns with Solo Sikoa. Solo goes to spike him, but Paul Heyman talks him down. 

As Solo and Paul leave the ring, Jimmy hits Styles with a superkick and the Uso Splash.

Jimmy wants back in?

01:58 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

AJ has Solo set up for the Styles Clash! Solo stands up, but is rocked by a shot from Styles. As he goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, Jimmy Uso knocks him off the ropes!

Solo finishes him with the Samoan Spike...

Solo Sikoa defeats AJ Styles via pinfall. 

01:56 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

An Asai moonsault connects from Styles, but Solo kicks out.

01:55 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Styles finally gets Solo off his feet! A sliding forearm hammers Solo. Styles goes for the Ushigoroshi, but Solo slips out. the pop-up Samoan Drop connects! 1-2-no!

01:52 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Corey Graves compares Solo Sikoa to the late great Bray Wyatt's original NXT character, Husky Harris, claiming he's an Army tank with a Ferrari engine.

01:52 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Back from break, Solo catches Styles with an uppercut as he goes for a diving clothesline. Solo sends him sliding into the ring post ribs first, and the Phenomenal One is broken on the floor. 

01:48 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Styles sends Solo to the floor when he bridges the ropes and follows with a sliding knee on the apron. As Solo walks to another side of the ring, he's met by a Phenomenal Forearm! Too bad it's on the floor.

01:48 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

A dropkick catches Solo in the jaw, but he's unable to knock him off his feet. The appearance of Paul Heyman distracts Styles long enough for Solo to take him down with a big clothesline.

01:47 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Solo Sikoa is dominating AJ Styles in the main event. The Street Champion is too much to handle in the opening moments. Styles will have to survive the early onslaught and wear down Roman's Special Enforcer.

01:28 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Shotzi blocks the Bayley-to-Belly and suplexes Bayley into the corner. The corner cannonball connects, and Shotzi moves up top for the Senton Splash!

Damage CTRL distracts her, giving Bayley the chance to pull her off the top. She goes for IYO's Women's Championship, but Charlotte Flair's music hits. The Queen lays out SKY, and as Dakota accidentally distracts the ref, Flair rocks Bayley with a punch! Shotzi capitalizes with the DDT for the win!

Shotzi defeats Bayley via pinfall. 

01:27 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Back from the break, Shotzi hits Bayley with a pinpoint suicide dive. Damage CTRL is worried! Back in the ring, a series of strikes rock Bayley, but she's able to hang Shotzi up in the tree of woe. A springboard elbow drop takes down Shotzi for a two-count!

01:22 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Shotzi takes Bayley to the floor and is in complete control of the four-time women's champion (Yes, I'm counting NXT). After a rolling senton off the barricade, she rolls back in with a grin on her face. The crowd is loving Shotzi!

01:20 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Is this a JoJo's reference?

01:20 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Corey Graves: "If you shave a panther, it's still a panther, Cole!"
Michael Cole: "Who shaves a panther?"
Graves: "I've... I've done a lotta weird things in my life, Cole."

01:16 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Damage CTRL is here! Run Michael Cole, run!!

We see footage of the trio injuring Bianca Belair as well as ruining the hair of Shotzi. Will the Tank Girl of WWE get her revenge on Bayley tonight?!

01:13 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Miz hits Knight with a cheap shot and lays him out with the Skull Crushing Finale. As he walks up the ramp, Knight chases and jumps him before the two are separated by security. 

01:10 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Miz says he's crushed the hopes and dreams of many up-and-coming WWE Superstars, and LA Knight is just another one to add to the list. Is LA Knight the next Alex Riley? Nah Nah!!

01:09 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Knight says The Miz has never been the star of anything he's done. Even Miz and Mrs sets up Maryse as the star, not him. At Payback, he's gonna break her husband, but she can call LA Knight to "fix that."

01:08 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

"You wouldn't be able to lace my boots and let's be honest. You're nowhere near my level, pal!"

The Miz reminds us that LA Knight was also on a reality TV show, but unlike The Miz, he was a loser when he was eliminated first. 

01:07 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Knight reminds the WWE Universe about Miz's previous work as The Rock, John Cena, and more. He says the problem is Miz is always dressing up as the man he WANTS to be, while LA Knight is LA Knight through and through. 

01:06 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

LA Knight hits the "Lemme Talk To Ya" catchphrase and a man in the crowd jumps so high you'd think he just sat down on a thumbtack. 

01:05 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

The Miz claims that LA Knight isn't on his level. He's not the star that The Miz was 10 years ago, let alone what he is now. LA Knight's music hits, and the crowd goes mental!

01:02 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

AJ Styles challenges Solo Sikoa to a match tonight. The Good Brothers tell him they don't need to get into the Bloodline business, but AJ reminds them that this is the house that AJ Styles built!

01:01 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

"You're out The Bloodline when we say you're out The Bloodline!"

00:58 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Backstage, AJ Styles runs into Jimmy Uso and tells him that nobody wants him around after he disrespected Michin. Jimmy says he doesn't even know who that is, which is fair. WWE hasn't really been sure whether to call her Mia Yim or Michin. 

They get into a shove-off before AJ is blasted from behind by Solo Sikoa, who tells his brother that he's out the Bloodline when they say he is. Jimmy shrugs it off, stating that he doesn't listen to anybody. Not Roman, not Paul, and certainly not Solo. 

00:57 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Sami Zayn says tomorrow night will be the fight of the Judgment Day's lives. That's more true than he may know, as Rhea has promised "changes" if the Judgment Day doesn't win the gold at Payback.

00:55 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Sami starts off the match with Joaquin Wilde, taking him out with a clothesline before tagging in Kevin Owens. KO follows with the Swanton Bomb. Cruz Del Toro tags in, but it doesn't fare much better. A pop-up powerbomb flattens him, and Sami hits the Helluva Kick.

Kevin finishes the match with the Stunner, giving the champs a dominant win ahead of a title defense tomorrow night at Payback!

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn defeat LWO (Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro)

00:53 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Sami and KO have a Steel City Street Fight against the Judgment Day at Payback tomorrow night. Before they can defend their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles, they have to face Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro tonight!

00:50 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

As this new group leaves, Kevin Owens' music hits. The WWE Tag Team Champions are here for a match but must make it through the Profits first. As they meet Bobby Lashley, Montez Ford, and Angelo Dawkins on the ramp, Lashley and the crew let them through. 

They have to know that the new and improved Profits are coming for the gold, and that's not good for their reign.

00:46 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Bobby says this trio is coming for power, glory, and championship gold. They're putting all of WWE on notice. If I was on the roster, I wouldn't want to cross paths with what might be the next big stable. 

00:45 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Ford says they're here tonight to celebrate Lashley for the success. Lashley's helped them see the bigger picture. 

"It's nothing personal. It's just Profits."

00:44 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

"They're charismatic. They're athletic. And now they're more aggressive than they've ever been."

See? I told you so.

00:43 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

The Street Profits enter the arena, and Bobby's got a huge grin on his face. The commentary team puts over the recent upgrades to Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. 

They've always been athletic and charismatic, but the aggression they're showing has made them a better team.

00:42 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Lashley thanks the fans for making him feel good. He says everyone's asking him the same question, what's going on with him and the Street Profits? A fan yells that he loves him, and he says he loves them too. 

As far as the Profits? "Real recognizes real. And great recognizes great. And that's why I recognize the Street Profits."

00:41 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Earlier in the night, Jimmy Uso interrupted a meeting between Mia Yim and Adam Pearce. Backstage, Yim is complaining to The O.C. AJ Styles comes in and says he'll personally handle it. 

00:39 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Bobby Lashley is out next. The All Mighty helped the Street Profits defeat the Brawling Brutes in the Terry Funk Memorial Hardcore Tag Match last week. Maybe the former WWE Champion can finally explain what their deal is. Why has he aligned with the Profits? Are there going to be more members? Is he going to start pointing at his butt again? Time will tell. 

00:38 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Bobby Lashley speaks to the WWE Universe

00:35 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

The LWO take over once Santos tags in. He saves Rey from a dirty chop block to the knees but takes it to his injured leg instead. This allows Grayson Waller to pick up the win with the rolling stunner.

Grayson Waller and Austin Theory defeat the LWO (Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar) via pinfall. 

00:31 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

When we come back, The Waller Theory duo is on top. During the break, Theory pushed Rey's legs out from under him when he got to the top rope, setting the cocky and arrogant superstars up for success. 

00:26 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Rey takes Theory and Waller to the floor and is launched over the ropes by Santos Escobar. LWO are in control heading into the commercial break. 

00:24 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Looks like there was a bit of a botch on the production truck, as WWE misspelled Jimmy Uso's name during his entrance. 

00:22 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

"The wrong Uso quit!"

00:21 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

The LWO are in action next!

00:18 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Austin Theory and Grayson Waller downplay Cena's importance, with Theory reminding us he beat Cena at WrestleMania. 

They then say that they are the best tag team in the world and look to prove that against Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar right now!

00:16 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

John Cena's entrance- Watch Here

Jimmy Usos' new entrance- Watch Here

00:14 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Cena says the wrong Uso quit, and that definitely cut to the core. Jimmy turns but goes for a superkick. Cena knows it's coming, and catches him for an AA!

00:13 (GMT)2 SEP 2023

Jimmy says Roman Reigns and John Cena are just alike. Both of them take from everyone and give nothing back. The difference is, Cena does it with a smile. 
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