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WWE SmackDown Live Results (September 15, 2023): John Cena saved by longtime rival!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 16, 2023 02:04 GMT

Check out the live results from WWE SmackDown!


02:04 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Thanks for joining us for SmackDown, folks! We'll see you next week for Monday Night RAW!

02:04 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

"Save Jimmy! Save Jimmy!"

02:03 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

John Cena looking at Solo and thinking of all the times Umaga beat the Hell outta him

02:00 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Jimmy tries to dab up Solo, but Solo ignores him and continues to assault Cena.

Styles rushes in, saving his longtime rival and evening the odds! Solo saves Jimmy from the Attitude Adjustment as we sign off!

01:59 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Uso calls out Cena, demanding he throw a punch. Just then, Solo's music hits. He rolls in and stares down Cena, only to turn around and choke Jimmy! As he goes for the Samoan Spike, he turns it into a superkick that rocks Cena!

John Cena must be having crazy Umaga flashbacks right now.

01:58 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Cena tosses his hat and shirt to the crowd, but before he can get his hands on Waller, Jimmy Uso's music hits. 

01:54 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Waller makes a bold claim, stating that John Cena doesn't want to be an in-ring competitor. He says that Cena is, no doubt, the GOAT. But right now, he's nowhere close. He hasn't been the same since Mania when Waller's new best friend, Austin Theory, defeated him. 

01:53 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

"When I talk to grown-ups, I take off my hat like my mother taught me to." 
- Grayson Waller

Ah, WWE is loving these Coach Prime jokes. 

01:52 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Cena! Cena! Cena! Cena!

01:50 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

It's time for The Grayson Waller Effect! Waller says he's had tons of guests on that claim to be the GOAT, but nobody can claim that moniker more than his guest tonight. 

But his star is fading quicker than his headline. Thankfully, the Grayson Waller Rub will get him back to the top!

01:44 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Asuka traps Bayley in a knee bar and then an armbar but can't get the submission. Bayley takes Asuka to the floor and cleans off the announce table.

Before she can put the Empress through it, Shotzi shocks her by popping up from behind the barrier! Back in the ring, a distracted Bayley is caught by a backslide for the pin!!

Asuka defeats Bayley via pinfall. 

01:41 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

A German suplex spikes Bayley, landing high on the shoulder. Asuka follows with a nasty kick to the chest. Bayley is rocked with the pop-up knee and another sliding kick for a two-count.

01:38 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Asuka challenges for the WWE Women's Championship next week... if she can survive tonight.

01:36 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Asuka takes Bayley down with a missile dropkick and chases her to the floor. Bayley ducks a sliding kick and is tripped up on the apron. The Role Model drives Asuka face-first into the ring post! 

01:34 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Judgment Day is backstage talking about something that we're unable to hear, but we can assume it has to do with Jimmy or Jey Uso. 

We've been told a few times tonight that Rhea Ripley isn't here because she's not cleared to compete after Nia Jax's attack on Monday Night RAW.

01:31 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

We've got a huge match next, as Bayley continues her longstanding rivalry with Asuka! Two Grand Slam Champs face off in the main event match right now!!

Immediately after, we'll get to see John Cena on The Grayson Waller Effect!

01:31 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

"IYO's ready for Asuka, but are you?"

01:26 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Backstage, we see Pretty Deadly meeting with Adam Pearce. While they try to sell the injury of Elton Prince, Pearce asks why he's in a wheelchair. The doctors say the injury has healed up nicely, and we will soon see the return of Pretty Deadly! Yes Boy!!!

01:22 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Solo Sikoa finds a new target... without Roman Reigns' permission.

01:17 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

After that, we see Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa backstage. Solo promises to take him out, but Heyman wants him to focus on Jimmy Uso cutting deals with the Judgment Day. 

"Jimmy's picking fights with John Cena, and when Cena comes for that pound of flesh, you're gonna have to fight that battle."

01:16 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

LA Knight says he's top two, but ain't number two. 

"It doesn't matter if it's Seth Rollins, it damn sure doesn't matter if it's Roman Reigns!"

01:16 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Miz is hung up on the ropes with a stun gun by Knight, who finishes him off with Blunt Force Trauma!

LA Knight defeats The Miz via pinfall. 

01:08 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Miz eats a Diving Bulldog from Knight but kicks out again. 

01:05 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Knight hits The Miz with a series of chops and follows with a power slam for a two-count. Miz escapes the Gravy Train but is brought down with a Swinging Neckbreaker. The slingshot shoulder tackle follows for yet another two-count. 

01:04 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

We get a "tiny balls" chant from Denver, Colorado, as The Miz cowers in the corner when Knight gets the upper hand. The slight pause allows the two-time Grand Slam Champion to take over, driving him face-first into the turnbuckle. 

01:03 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

We get an epic promo package hyping up this rematch, of course, WWE's specialty. No John Cena in the match this time. Can The Miz take out LA Knight? It's Mega Star vs. A-Lister II right now!!

00:55 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

The Profits want tag gold... but what does the All Mighty want?

00:54 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

We're getting a WWE Payback rematch next, as LA Knight is taking on The Miz! YEAH!!

00:54 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

After the match, Bobby Lashley encourages the Street Profits to attack the LWO. They do so only to be stopped by Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar. Lashley joins in, laying out Escobar as the Profits put the hurt on Rey. 

If we weren't clear on where the All Mighty Profits stood before, we know now. 

00:53 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Thrice in a lifetime?! Who knows...

00:52 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Just as soon as the match starts, it's over. The Profits hit The Revelation on Joaquin Wilde for the quick three-count. 

Street Profits defeat the LWO via pinfall.

00:47 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

As Rey accepts the challenge, The All Mighty Profits ruin the fun. They mock LWO for their segment, leading to Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro challenging the Street Profits to a match! We've got big tag action next!

00:45 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Rey Mysterio is in the ring with the LWO and thanks them for giving him a much-needed family in WWE. Santos Escobar says he's happy Rey stepped in when he was hurt and is proud of the WWE Hall of Famer. 

"You became the United States Champion like the legend you are. My career dream has always been to face my idol Rey Mysterio with a title on the line."


00:43 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Backstage, The Rock and Pat McAfee are laughing about the Austin Theory beatdown when Rock runs into an old rival... John Cena! 

They stare down before hugging it out, with both men praising one another. 

00:38 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

As the ref looks back at Priest and Dom, Jimmy Uso runs in and attacks Styles! Balor gets him with the roll-up!

Finn Balor defeats AJ Styles via pinfall.

Is Jimmy trying to get in the good graces of The Bloodline... or the Judgment Day?

00:35 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

As Balor goes up top, Styles brings him down to the mat for a Styles Clash. Balor rolls through but is chased to the floor by the Phenomenal One. 

After Judgment Day is caught interfering, the ref sends them packing!

00:33 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

During the break, Judgment Day distracts the ref and lays out Styles. Dom gets the ref's attention, and Priest hits a big chokeslam on the apron. Nasty work.

00:31 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Styles sends Balor to the floor as we cut to break. The two-time WWE Champion is looking great tonight!

00:28 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Styles starts strong, catching Balor with a backbreaker. Balor responds by getting Styles with a sunset flip, rolling into a dropkick. 

00:26 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

From one Icon to another, Dirty Dom is here! Judgment Day is out next as Finn Balor battles AJ Styles in the night's first match!

00:22 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Seconds before disaster... well, for Theory, anyway

00:21 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Theory attacks The Rock before he can count down from three and eats a Spinebuster for his trouble. After that, The Brahma Bull soaks in the adoration before nailing a People's Elbow. Even McAfee gets in on the fun, hitting Austin Theory with the Dawg Elbow!!

00:18 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

"I am not an ***hole!!" 

Is this one of those Kurt Angle moments where we got a whole "You Suck" chant for his entire career, but now it's Theory being called a name Fox won't allow to be said? I dig it.

00:16 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Rock gets the crowd involved. Half the crowd chants, "You are," and half the crowd chants, "A**hole." Since I'm watching on Fox, that was all muted. 

00:16 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Rock says that if Austin were here, he'd ask the crowd if he should "whip this jabroni's a** gimme a hell yeah," which... aside from the jabroni part, is spot on.

00:14 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

"The people get to see Austin and The Rock in the ring one last time!"

That's... not as good as you might think, because Austin Theory meant himself.

00:13 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Theory tries to talk down to Rock but is told to shut his "b**** a** up!" He continues to mock Theory, and... yeah, this won't go well for the punk kid. 

00:11 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

This crowd is standing on their feet, and who can blame them? The Rock is staring down Austin Theory, but the two-time United States Champion isn't backing down!!

00:10 (GMT)16 SEP 2023

Finally, The Rock has come back to SmackDown!!!
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