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WWE SmackDown Results July 10th 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 11, 2018 02:06 GMT

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02:06 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

***Warning: The following contain spoilers for tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown Live

Here's a quick recap of what happened on SmackDown:
SmackDown kicks of with Miz TV and the special guests were Team Hell No
The New Day will face SAnitY in a tables match at the Extreme Rules kickoff show
AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura ends in a DQ finsih
Rusev  & Shinsuke Nakamura def. AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy
Asuka def. Ellsworth
Paige announces that Ellsworth will be hanging from a shark cage during Carmella and Asuka's match at Extreme Rules
Andrade Cien Almas def. Sin Cara
Team Hell No & The New Day def. Bludgeon Brothers & SAnitY

02:01 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

With that, tonight's episode of SmackDown comes to a close and this is Jojo, signing off.

That's all, folks!

01:59 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

The match turned into a free-for-all and the referee doesn't seem to mind. Kofi was wiped out by Dain on the outside. Big E took out Dain through the ropes with a spear. Daniel hit a huge finisher and got the well deserved pinfall over Young.

Team Hell No & The New Day def. Bludgeon Brothers & SAnitY

01:56 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Daniel took Eric Young into the corner and wiped him out with a dropkick. Bryan delivered the Yes kicks and then the Yes lock but Wolfe broke it up. 

01:54 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Rowan was in the ring with Woods and he and Harper hit a huge double team move on Xavier. Woods hit a DDT on Harper and tagged in Bryan.

01:50 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Dain was tagged in and hit a huge senton on Xavier who tried to get the upper hand in the match for a second but was stopped but the heel factions.

01:47 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Kofi and Wolfe were in the ring when we returned and Xavier was tagged in. Harper tags himself in and takes Xavier down with a hold.

01:43 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Team Hell No & The New Day vs. Bludgeon Brothers & SAnitY

The four team broke out into all out war as the bell rang. The babyfaces managed to throw both heel teams out of the ring as we wet into another commercial break.

01:27 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Andrade went up the ropes to deliver a double stomp on Sin Cara and then a double knee to the head. Almas got a cover in and it was a 3 count.

Andrade Cien Almas def. Sin Cara

01:26 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Sin Cara hit a hammerlock DDT but it was a near fall. Sin Cara knocks Almas out of the ring and hits a hurricanrana to the outside.

01:25 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

The two trade chops and Sin Cara pulls of a huge move as we return. Sin Cara hit another hurricanrana and Zelina was not happy.

01:22 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Sin Cara vs. Andrade Cien Almas

Sin Cara takes a big elbow to the face but retaliates with a hurricanrana and then a huge suicide dive. Andrade delivers a back breaker using the middle rope as we break for ads.

01:19 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Paige announces that Ellsworth will be hanging from a shark cage during Carmella and Asuka's match at Extreme Rules.

01:10 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Ellsworth is back in the ring and asks Carmella for help who hands him a spray can of some sort- mace, maybe? Ellsworth is too slow, however, and ends up in the Asuka lock and taps out.

After the bell rings, Carmella attacks Asuka but Asuka fights her off. Ellsworth sprays the contents of the aerosol can in Asuka's face and Carmella beats her down before they both escape.
Asuka def. Ellsworth

01:07 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Asuka hit a big kick and Ellsworth tried running away, sneaking past the women, but Becky caught him and sent him ringside with the help of Naomi. Asuka hit a high flying move from the top rope to the outside taking out Ellsworth and half the SmackDown locker room.

01:05 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Ellsworth vs. Asuka - Lumberjack Match

Ellsworth tried running away right off the bat and the women surrounding the ring sent him straight back. Asuka flung Ellsworth outside the ring with a hip attack and the women threw him back in. 

00:52 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Rusev ran shoulder-first into the post and Jeff was tagged in. Jeff hit the atomic drop and a dropkick for a quick cover but it was only a 2 count. Jeff hit a whisper in the wind but Nakamura interferd the pin. Jeff hit the twist of fate and went up the ropes but Nakamura knocked him down.

Rusev hit the Machka Kick on Jeff and got the three count.
Rusev  & Shinsuke Nakamura def. AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy

00:49 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Rusev hit a big suplex and went back to the bear hug as we were shown a promo for the Bliss-Jax match at Extreme Rules. AJ hit an elbow to the face of Rusev and locked in a sleeper hold.

00:46 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy vs. Rusev & Nakamura

Rusev and AJ kicked us off and AJ was in trouble. Rusev taunted Styles before catching him in a bear hug. 

00:45 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

AJ was being assaulted by Rusev and Nakaura in the ring when Jeff Hardy comes out to be the hero. Jeff takes out Rusev and Nakamura and leaps through the ropes to hit a big move on the outside. Paige announces that the four Superstars will be in a tag match starting right now!

AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura ends in a DQ finsih

00:42 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

AJ reverses into a pin but its only a 2 count. AJ reverses an exploder and sends Nakamura to the outside. AJ hit the phenomenal forearm and English distracts him but is taken down. Nakamura goes for a Kinshasa but it hits English after AJ moves aside. AJ goes for the phenomenal forearm on Nakamura and Rusev pulls him down causing the match to end in a DQ finish.

00:39 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

AJ unloads on Shinsuke as we return. He hits a huge forearm in the corner and then a knee to the back of the head. Shinsuke turns the Styles Clash into a Triangle lock.

00:34 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Shinsuke hits some nice kicks but AJ catches him by the leg and throws him off as we head into another break

00:32 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Nakmura slams AJ face first on the mat but misses the Kinshasa. Nakamura hits a knee to the ribs of AJ.

00:30 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

We returned to see AJ in trouble but gets in a quick kick before bouncing off the top rope and onto the apron and then on the floor. Shinsuke applies a chokehold.

00:26 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles

Rusev came out after the two contestants with a mic in hand and English at his side. He says nothing AJ can do will stop him from breaking down the house that AJ Styles built. The match began and Styles hit a dropkick as we broke for commercials.

00:22 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

The New Day will face SAnitY in a tables match at the Extreme Rules kickoff show. Tonight's main event is a 10 Man Tag Team Match between Team Hell No & The New Day vs. SAnitY & The Bludgeon Brothers.

00:15 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

It has now turned into a full on streetfight between the four teams. The heels, especially SAnitY were in control. Harper and Rowan stare from ringside as the officials put a stop to the carnage.

00:13 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Kane helps Bryan keep his cool but Miz keeps on taunting them. Kane grabs him by the neck and the Bludgeon Brothers make their entrance. SAnitY, however, shows up in the ring first and attack Kane and Bryan, The New Day show up to make the save.

00:11 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Miz 'accidentally' shows us footage of the time Kane turned on Bryan in the past and decides to question them about it. Bryan says the Miz is terrible at everything; especially wrestling. Miz guarantees that Kane will betray Daniel at some point.

00:07 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Kane doesn't think N-Sync will ever reunite; he adds that the Bludgeon Brothers don't stand a chance.

00:07 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

Bryan wants to punch Miz in the face. Kane stops him and Daniel decides to be professional. Miz antagonizes the crowd and compliments Bryan. He asks if they are prepared to face the Bludgeon Brothers.

00:03 (GMT)11 JUL 2018

SmackDown kicks of with Miz TV and the special guests are Team Hell No.

22:48 (GMT)10 JUL 2018

Just days before they challenge The Bludgeon Brothers for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles at WWE Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan & Kane will be joining The Miz for what looks to be a must-see edition of “Miz TV” that will kick off SmackDown LIVE.

There’s no love lost between Bryan and The Awesome One, as the leader of The “Yes!” Movement looks to get his hands on The A-Lister, especially after Harper & Rowan’s attacks led to The Miz eliminating Bryan from the Gauntlet Match for a WWE Championship opportunity. Will Bryan be able to keep his hands off The Awesome One and focus on The Bludgeon Brothers, or will The Miz eat a punch to the face from his longtime rival?
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