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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online (2nd April 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 03, 2019 02:04 GMT

Will there be another twist in Kofi Kingston's road to WrestleMania?


02:04 (GMT)3 APR 2019

The road to WrestleMania is officially over. Kofi Kingston stands tall at the end of the show, in what was by far the best segment on RAW or SmackDown this week. WrestleMania is less than 5 days away, and we could witness the coronation of many new champions. 

Kofi Kingston's story has been an incredible one, and there hasn't been one bad moment in the build-up. The question is, can he get the job done at the grandest stage of them all? It's certainly going to be incredible to witness. Will the culmination of a 11-year journey see Kingston write his championship story? 

Tune in right here this Sunday at WrestleMania to find out. Until then, it's been Rohit and we thank you very much for joining us here. We'll be around next for NXT Takeover: New York. Thank you and good night!

02:01 (GMT)3 APR 2019

02:01 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Kofi has had enough. He tells Bryan to shut up while he talks, and says that the more Bryan talks, the more he realizes that he knows nothing about him. He's OK with not having received a singles WWE title shot, because it's all led to this moment. He understands the mind games that Bryan plays.

He's seen Bryan tremble when Kofi is in the ring with him. Kofi vows to become WWE Champion and signs the contract. An emphatic statement from the challenger. Goosebumps.

01:59 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Bryan says that he's been in his position, and that he doesn't feed off the crowd, but the crowd feeds of him. Once they're done sucking the positivity out of him, they're going to chew and spit him out.

The crowd chants "A-hole" at Bryan, but he responds by saying that's what all great truthtellers are called.

01:55 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Bryan tells the crowd and Kofi not to be complacement, and is ready to spread more knowledge.

He tells them to not be a bystander in their own lives like Kofi has been in his life

01:53 (GMT)3 APR 2019

The crowd isn't letting Bryan talk, and they keep chanting for Kofi and KofiMania.

01:52 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Michael Cole is hosting the contract signing.

Daniel Bryan seems furious at all the Kofi Kingston chants, and tries to silence them.

01:50 (GMT)3 APR 2019

01:50 (GMT)3 APR 2019

It's time for the WWE Championship contract signing

01:44 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Ali misses a 450 splash and Joe calmly wraps his arms around Ali, making him pass out.

Samoa Joe def. Ali

01:43 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Ali goes right after Joe, but the United States champion stays calm and shoves Ali down. He shoves Ali again, but gets kicked in the face with a dropkick, sending him out. The action goes outside and Joe then throws him back in the ring. Ali hits a tornado DDT to drop him, but he isnt able to keep him down for long, that is until Ali disorients Joe with a facebuster.

01:35 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Samoa Joe vs Ali

01:32 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Shelton Benjamin and Nikki Cross have a hilarious interaction, with Nikki Cross urging him to bring it to her. He refuses, and she blindsides him hilariously. The ring has EC3, Jeff Hardy and Asuka left in it. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate and Asuka kicks EC3 in the head. EC3 is thrown out, and Asuka hugs Jeff Hardy before throwing him out. The Empress stands tall!

01:31 (GMT)3 APR 2019

R-Truth is up against Andrade and he does the leg split. Carmella comes in and they do the 7 second dance break, but Karl Anderson and Zelina Vega stop things. Naomi throws Anderson out of the ropes, and the match ends in DQ. Things break down and everyone starts trhrowing one another outside the ring. DeVille and Rose go after Asuka. Otis and Mandy have a confrontation, and he begins to shake his body before being thrown outside by Shelton Benjamin!  That was so funny.

01:24 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Otis is tagged in and he's ragdolling EC3. He hits the caterpillar!

01:23 (GMT)3 APR 2019

All competitors are either in the Women's Battle Royal or Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Nikki Cross and Zelina Vega start things off. She does a good job, but Lacey Evans randomly walks out. EC3 tags in and then Jeff Hardy does. Matt Hardy soon tags in and Matt hits the side effect.

01:19 (GMT)3 APR 2019

An 18-person mixed tag team match is up next.


01:16 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Becky says that the next time she'll be seen, it'll be as the champ she always knew she was - the double champ!

01:15 (GMT)3 APR 2019

01:15 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Becky Lynch says that a year ago, it seemed as though the stars were aligned for Rousey and Flair to main event WrestleMania, all until she slapped the smugness off Charlotte's face at WrestleMania.

Becky is HYPED and so is the crowd. This is awesome

01:13 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Becky Lynch comes out and is standing right on top of the announcer's table.

01:08 (GMT)3 APR 2019

01:08 (GMT)3 APR 2019

01:03 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Becky Lynch arrives in a police car. Now that's badass!

01:02 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Eric Young gets slammed in the face by a crate which The Miz pushes. The Miz wins backstage!

01:01 (GMT)3 APR 2019

01:01 (GMT)3 APR 2019

The action immediately goes outside, and they're in the crowd. Miz sents Alexandre Wolfe through a table, but Eric Young breaks it on time. It goes backstage, and Killian Dain goes face first on the wall

00:59 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Shane McMahon interjects, telling him that just like his WrestleMania match,  this match against Sanity is a Falls Count Anywhere!

00:57 (GMT)3 APR 2019

The A-Lister is holding his own a few nights before WrestleMania. Eric Young is tagged in and is getting kicked in the ribs over and over!

00:54 (GMT)3 APR 2019

00:54 (GMT)3 APR 2019

00:53 (GMT)3 APR 2019

The Miz is in trouble right away after being blindsided. The match is underway!

00:53 (GMT)3 APR 2019

The Miz vs Sanity - 3-on-1 handicap match

Shane McMahon comes out before the match starts, and Greg Hamilton announces him as THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

00:51 (GMT)3 APR 2019

The Miz says WrestleMania is about a moment for Kofi Kingston, and retribution for him. He cuts a great promo, and calls Shane an SoB.

00:47 (GMT)3 APR 2019

00:42 (GMT)3 APR 2019

They're talking about winning the tag team championships because they can pin anyone. 

00:40 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Oh no, it's another IIconics promo.

00:37 (GMT)3 APR 2019

00:37 (GMT)3 APR 2019

00:33 (GMT)3 APR 2019

00:33 (GMT)3 APR 2019

00:31 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Alexa Bliss announces that The Usos will be defending the title in a Fatal-4-Way tag team match at WrestleMania against all the teams they shared the ring with

00:30 (GMT)3 APR 2019

After the match, RAW's Alexa Bliss is out! Why is she here?

00:30 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Rusev is in action and is constantly tagging in and out with Nakamura. Jey Uso continues to get taken down, but he managest to tag in his brother Jimmy.

He begins to clear house and superkicks Rusev, but Nakamura breaks it up. Nakamura gets dropkicked by Ricochet, Ricochet gets thrown up and eats an uppercut, and everything breaks down, before The Usos manage to tag in and a double superkick picks up the win for the team!

The Usos and Black & Ricochet def. Rusev & Nakamura and The Bar

00:23 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Nakamuara tags in again, and Jey fights back. Sheamus gets tagged in and prevents Jey from doing the same, instead choosing to throw him out of the ring. Cesaro gets a cheap shot outside while he's at it.

00:21 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Jey Uso gets tagged in and Sheamus tags Nakamura in. Jey starts running the ropes but Rusev subtly tags in and pulls the ropes down. Rusev sends Jey shoulder first into the steel. Things look like they're on the verge of chaos!

00:20 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Cesaro places Ricochet on the top turnbuckle. Ricochet tries to hit a hurricanrana, but Cesaro catches him. The one and only ends up attempting a roll-up pin, but eats an uppercut from Cesaro. Sheamus gets tagged in and nearly deadlifts him, but Ricochet escapes and tags in Aleister Black

00:18 (GMT)3 APR 2019

Ricochet begins the action against Cesaro!

00:15 (GMT)3 APR 2019

The Usos and Aleister Black & Ricochet vs Rusev & Nakamura and The Bar
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