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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Friday Night SmackDown (12th February 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 13, 2021 03:00 GMT

'The Messiah' Seth Rollins returns to SmackDown this week.


03:00 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Thanks for joining us tonight, folks. We’ll see you Sunday for NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day. 

02:59 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:58 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:58 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:57 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:57 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Cesaro finally gets in and comes in like a house on fire. A series of uppercuts lay out the tag champs, giving Cesaro a two-count on Ziggler. Roode stops the Cesaro Swing, but is sent to the floor with Bryan’s running knee. 

Ziggler hits the fameasser but it’s not enough. A torture rack backbreaker sets up for the Cesaro Swing and Sharpshooter. Ziggler can’t take it, and is forced to tap. 

Cesaro defeats Dolph Ziggler via submission. 

After the match, Jey Uso cracks Cesaro with a chair. Zayn and Corbin run in, leading to a five-man brawl. It’s a six-man once Kevin Owens rushes the ring and stuns the whole ring. 

02:54 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Roode knocks Cesaro to the floor and plants Bryan with the spinebuster, but it’s not enough. A powerbomb/neckbreaker combo can’t do the job either.

02:52 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Sami Zayn and King Corbin come down to ringside to check out the competition for Elimination Chamber. The SmackDown Tag Team Champions are in control, tearing apart Daniel Bryan.

02:48 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:47 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:46 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Dolph Ziggler struggled early, but a little trickery helped bring in his tag team partner. Cesaro rocked Bobby Roode with an uppercut before tagging in Bryan. Roode was nearly trapped in the Yes Lock, just barely making it to the ropes.

02:45 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

It’s time for your SmackDown main event. Who will be added to the Elimination Chamber, the Dirty Dawgs or Cesaro and Daniel Bryan?

02:39 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:39 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Belair and Banks drop Jax tailbone first on the apron, again, before sending Baszler packing. 

...remember when Shayna Baszler was the most dominant woman in WWE? 

02:37 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Banks and Bianca react to their interruption by playing clips from Monday Night RAW, where the champions were beaten by Naomi and Lana. 

02:36 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:35 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Sasha Banks claims to be the only choice for the EST. Bianca Belair quickly comes out, stating that she may be The Boss, but she’s not the boss of Bianca. 

Before they could get into it, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler interrupted. 

02:33 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:33 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

It’s Boss Time!

02:33 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:33 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:32 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:32 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:29 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Otis runs wild, but is sent to the floor when Dawkins low bridges him. After that, Gable is easy pickins with the Anointment and From the Heavens. 

The Street Profits defeat Alpha Academy via pinfall.

02:26 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:25 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Chad Gable goes toe-to-toe with Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford. The latter gets dropped with a face buster and arm drag, leading to an armbar attempt. Ford tries to roll through, but Gable’s grip stays strong. 

Dawkins catches a back tag, blasting Gable and taking him to the mat. 

02:21 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

The Street Profits are up next, as they’ll be taking on Alpha Academy’s Otis and Chad Gable. 

02:16 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:16 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:14 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

A shoulder breaker leaves Liv Morgan crying and screaming out in pain. Still, she blocks the Bayley-to-Belly and responds with a step-up kick, following up with a face buster. It’s not enough to put Bayley away. 

A momentary distraction from Billie Kay allows Bayley to rake Liv’s eyes, giving her the opportunity to hit the Rose Plant. 

Bayley defeats Liv Morgan via pinfall,

02:11 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:11 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Liv Morgan’s pace is a bit too fast for Bayley, who after taking a second rope dropkick  is forced to roll to the floor. Bayley sidesteps as Liv tries to hit her with a step up dive off the steps, putting her in control.

02:10 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

After a victory over Ruby Riott last week, Bayley looks to knock off the other member of the Riott Squad.

02:09 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:08 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:06 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

The Role Model is out next on SmackDown. 

02:03 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:02 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:02 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:02 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

02:01 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Rollins believes that Cesaro believes in his vision, but it’s simply not the case. Once Cesaro goes to leave, Rollins attacks him, 

02:00 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

The SmackDown locker room, who originally surrounded the ring, leaves ringside once Rollins goes back into his old Messiah habits. 

Rollins promises a better tomorrow once everyone embraces the vision. When he looks around, he sees that he’s all alone, save for Cesaro. 

01:59 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Rollins talks about his newborn daughter and how she has changed him for the better. A new perception means a new vision. Rollins says he sees some of the most talented wrestlers in this industry, and wonders where he fits in. 

Where does he fit in? He’s the leader, of course. 

01:56 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Ladies and gentlemen, Seth Rollins is back and so is his old music. What does Rollins have in store for SmackDown?

01:52 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

01:52 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

01:50 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

Big E set up for the Big Ending, but as Nakamura escaped, Crews caught E on the jaw with a picture-perfect dropkick, 

Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Big E via DQ. 

01:49 (GMT)13 FEB 2021

A distraction from Crews allows Nakamura to lay into Big E with a flurry of kicks. A flying knee off the top rocked E, as did the windmill kick. Big E avoided the Kinshasa not once, but twice, with the second one turning into a Uranage slam. 
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