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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Friday Night SmackDown (22nd January 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 23, 2021 03:25 GMT

How will Roman Reigns react to facing Kevin Owens at Royal Rumble?


03:00 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Thanks for joining us this week, folks. We'll see you next week for Monday Night RAW! 

03:00 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:58 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Several official have to stop Owens from crushing Reigns with steel steps, but Owens says that no one can save him on January 31st. 

02:57 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

KO batters Roman, stomping him out in the corner. Another Stunner leaves Roman Reigns out cold. Owens taunts Paul Heyman before driving Reigns through the announcer's desk with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. 

02:56 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:56 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:56 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

While Reigns is focused on Adam Pearce, he doesn't see Kevin Owens coming in to make the save. KO and Reigns make it to the ring, and KO counters a Superman Punch with a Stunner. Reigns tries to leave, but KO won't let him get off that easy.

02:54 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

As Adam Pearce stands in the ring ready for his match, Paul Heyman makes his way to the ring. However, his leg "gives out" leading to a last-second change. Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring, and Adam Pearce is immediately rocked with a Superman Punch. Reigns goes to pick up the steel steps but is rocked with a right to the jaw. He responds with a low blow and sends Pearce over the barricade. 

02:51 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:48 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:47 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:46 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:46 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:45 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Corbin blocks a 619 and yanks Dominik off the ropes for a right hand. The End of Days lays out Dominik for an easy win. 

King Corbin defeats Dominik Mysterio via pinfall. 

02:44 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

King Corbin battles Dominik Mysterio before the main event. Dominik avoids The King's offense for a while, but a nasty clothesline nearly decapitates him on the floor. Corbin batters him in the ring, leaving him gasping for air in the corner. 

02:43 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:43 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:37 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Bayley, furious, hits Bianca with the basketball and launches her shoulder first into the ring post. Bianca cries out, and is seen in pure agony as she reaches for her shoulder. 

02:37 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Bayley introduces the event and demands to start it off. The tire is flipped in seven seconds, and Bayley clears the next obstacle in ten seconds. It takes her some time to clear the walls, which she does by simply running around them. The fourth part of the trial, the firemans carry, sees her barely get Chad Gable across the line. After putting the basketball in the goal, Bayley's time is 1:12. 

After that, she "EST's" the course, giving Bianca tougher obstacles. Bianca, of course, easily tosses the tire, the hurdles, and the walls. However, while Bayley got to lift Chad Gable, Bianca Belair lifts Otis. Of course, Bianca easily gets Otis across before crossing up Bayley to hit a dunk. Bianca ends it with seventeen seconds to spare.  

02:32 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Michael Cole attempts to host the segment but is shooed away by Bayley. 

Bayley is the best. A true babyface in my eyes. 

02:32 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:32 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

It's time for the Obstacle Course!

02:31 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:30 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:27 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

The Street Profits try to get Sonya Deville to give them a shot at the tag titles. Deville knows they deserve a shot, but Montez Ford is still injured. Fow now, they should stay backstage and hype up SmackDown while other tag teams get their opportunities. When Ford's healed up, they'll be right back in the title picture. 

Dawkins and Ford claim to be okay with the decision, but after handing her a fruit basket, we see that they have other plans. 

02:24 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Kevin Owens isn't allowed in the building, so he cuts a promo from his car. He says that Roman has two victories over him since they've started this, but both were won by his family. He goes onto explain his tattoos and how many of them represent his family. His knuckles on his left hand, specifically, are the initials of his grandfathers. Both of those men meant so much to Owens and were his biggest supporters when he was coming up. They died a few years before Owens got to WWE. Owens also fights for family, for those that built him up to who he is today, but he won't be using them to get the win. 

02:17 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:17 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:17 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:17 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:15 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Big E takes Crews to the floor, berating him for slapping him weeks ago. Crews responds with a moonsault off the apron and brings the champion in the ring. After blocking a superplex, Crews batters Big E with a series of headbutts. While Crews goes for a dive, Sami Zayn frees himself from the cuffs. 

A dropkick rocks E, but as Crews sets up in the corner, he's it with a Helluva Kick. Sami cracks Big E with one as well. 

No Contest. 

02:12 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

It's time for the Intercontinental Championship match, and Apollo runs right into a belly-to-belly suplex to kick the match off. Zayn is still protesting on the barricade. Crews hits a series of boots and a standing moonsault, nearly getting an upset victory. 

02:08 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Backstage, Paul Heyman is praising Roman Reigns for his ingenious thinking, believing that Reigns plans on making a similar swap like they got last week to the match tonight. Reigns had no such plans and is upset that Heyman even thinks that's a possibility. Heyman needs to handle his business like a man. 

Looks like this is actually happening. 

02:07 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:06 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:06 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

02:05 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Banks' backstabber fails, only for Banks to hit a standing meteora instead. The Banks Statement is eventually locked in, leading to Reginald tapping out. 

Sasha Banks defeats Reginald via submission.

02:03 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Banks finally gets some more offense in, planting Reginald with a wheelbarrow facebuster. Reginald avoids a running knee in the corner, and Reginald catches Banks coming off the top. However, Banks sends him to the floor with an arm drag before driving his head into the floor with a meteora. 

02:01 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Sasha slaps the taste out of Reginald's mouth, but flips out of the top rope arm drag, landing on his feet. Banks is unable to get her hands on Reginald for the next few moments. Banks attempts to toss him into the steps, but Reginald bounces off the steel and lands on his feet again.

01:59 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Sasha's out next, as The Boss will face Reginald, Carmella's sommelier tonight. 

01:58 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

01:55 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

01:55 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

01:53 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

The superkick is avoided, as is the European Uppercut. Ziggler ducks a clothesline and hits the Zig Zag, but can't get the win. A sleeper is locked in, with Cesaro struggling to make it to his feet. He does, however, and turns it into suplex a attempt. A knee stuns Cesaro, but he's able to turn the Fameasser into the Gotch Neutralizer. 

Cesaro defeats Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. 

01:51 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

A few moments into the match, Cesaro launches Ziggler with an incredibly long and delayed giant swing. Ziggler kicks out and the two trade pinfall attempts. 

01:48 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

01:47 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

01:45 (GMT)23 JAN 2021

Cesaro declines a match with Bryan but challenges anyone in the back to a match instead. The Dirty Dawg himself, SmackDown Tag Team Champion Dolph Ziggler, comes out next. He says aside from Bobby Roode, Cesaro is the only one who can stand toe-to-toe with him. 
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