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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Friday Night SmackDown before Payback (28th August 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 29, 2020 07:50 IST

What will happen when Strowman, Reigns and The Fiend come face-to-face?


07:30 (IST)29 AUG 2020

07:30 (IST)29 AUG 2020

07:28 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Roman Reigns is backstage and says that at Payback, he'll Wreck Everyone & Leave with the Universal Championship that he never lost. 

That's not a prediction...that's a spoiler. The camera pans out and Paul Heyman is sitting beside him! Roman Reigns is a Heyman Guy!

07:26 (IST)29 AUG 2020

One Big Ending later, and Big E & Heavy Machinery are victorious.

Big E & Heavy Machinery defeat M&M & Sheamus via pinfall. 

07:25 (IST)29 AUG 2020

07:25 (IST)29 AUG 2020

07:25 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Big E and Miz tag in, with E hitting a pair of overhead belly-to-belly suplexes and a third belly-to-belly bouncing off the ropes. The big splash connects, and Big E sets up for the Big Ending. 

Miz worms his way to the ropes where he hangs E up. However, back inside the ring, a uranage plants Miz.  

07:24 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Thanks to Miz and Morrison's antics, Sheamus storms off from the match, leaving the duo in a two-on-tree disadvantage. 

07:21 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Back from the break, Tucker has lost control. Otis and Big E are both begging for the tag as Miz traps him in a chinlock.

07:17 (IST)29 AUG 2020

On the floor, Tucker meets Sheamus with a dropkick and Miz with a superkick. On the inside, Morrison gets laid out with a clothesline. However, Sheamus rings the bell to distract everyone. 

07:15 (IST)29 AUG 2020

After a series of body splashes, Tucker hits Morrison with a springboard crossbody. Sheamus puts an end to his run with a knee to the back as he bounces off the ropes. Miz tags in, leading to a double gutbuster from the former SmackDown Tag Team Champions. 

07:14 (IST)29 AUG 2020

John Morrison's plan failed. Otis is in the match and mauls Morrison before tagging in Big E and Tucker. All three men got in, Morrison really did not utilize his plan correctly. 

07:12 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Adam Pearce finally gets a hold of Roman Reigns, who carefully looks over the contract. 

It's time for the main event! Miz & Morrison (Hey hey, ho ho) and Sheamus vs Big E and Heavy Machinery! 

07:07 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Backstage, Sheamus asks John Morrison and The Miz what their game plan is for the six-man tag. Morrison says that they couldn't let Big E in the ring because he's the powerhouse. 

They also can't let Tucker in because he's the powerhouse of the team. Oh, and Otis? Can't let Otis in. He's the powerhouse. 

Sheamus is not amused. 

07:06 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Nikki Cross and Tamina are worried about Alexa Bliss. The Goddess comes in, with hair reminiscent of the old Alexa Bliss. Cross claims that the hair reminds her of The Fiend, which angers Bliss, who throws the mug that she gifted Cross on the floor. 

Is Bliss-Cross Applesauce over?  

06:58 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Cesaro breaks away from Salida Del Sol. Thanks to a distraction from Shinsuke Nakamura, though, Cesaro rolls up Kalisto for the win. Of course, LHP attacking Nakamura didn't help.

Cesaro defeats Kalisto via pinfall. 

After the match, Kalisto and LHP blow up again, but are able to calm down before leaving. 

06:56 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Kalisto goes for the sunset flip. Aloha Cesaro. The Swiss Superman counters momentarily and eventually catches Kalisto for a powerbomb attempt. Kalisto pops up on Cesaro's shoulders for a big DDT, following up with a basement rana. 

06:54 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Cesaro gets sent to the floor with an impressive tilt-a-whirl head scissors and follows up with a double jump springboard hurricanrana on the floor. 

Cesaro catches him on the inside, though, planting him with a backbreaker. 

06:53 (IST)29 AUG 2020

It's time for Kalisto, the new, improved, and jacked Kalisto, vs Cesaro. 

06:48 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Kalisto is backstage and tells Lince Dorado to watch him and see how it's done. As he leaves, Cesaro and Nakamura lay out the rest of LHP. 

06:46 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Strowman is absolutely obliterating Gulak. A big toss, a running splash, some massive clubs to the chest, and a deadlift chokeslam. Good night Gulak. 

Or not. By Gulak's beard, Strowman picks him up for the Running Powerslam. The ref could've counted to whatever number he wanted. 

Braun Strowman defeats Drew Gulak via pinfall. 

06:44 (IST)29 AUG 2020

06:43 (IST)29 AUG 2020

06:43 (IST)29 AUG 2020

06:43 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Time to watch Braun Strowman turn Drew Gulak into Drew GuFlat. Eh? 

06:42 (IST)29 AUG 2020

It looks like the Artist Collective has moved on...without the leader. Sami Zayn is kicked out by his former friends. Poor guy. 

06:41 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Sami Zayn interrupts Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura backstage. Nakamura is upset that Zayn hadn't spoken to them in over four months. 

06:38 (IST)29 AUG 2020

06:37 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Adam Pearce runs into Drew Gulak backstage, who says he's looking for Braun Strowman. Gulak smacks Strowman with a chair, but it doesn't even phase the Monster Among Men. 

Gulak tosses the chair to Pearce and runs off. Luckily, Braun believes Pearce when he explains the situation, but won't sign the contract until he gets Gulak in the ring right now. 

06:35 (IST)29 AUG 2020

06:34 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler appear on the screen, insulting one another. However, they'll do whatever they can to get their hands on the Golden Role Models.  

06:33 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Bayley calls out Banks' history for failing to ever retain the RAW Women's Championship. Banks takes it badly, but is able to put it behind them in order to defend the titles at Payback. 

06:32 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Bayley claims that it's her fault that Sasha Banks lost the RAW Women's Championship, and shouldn't have let The Boss get involved in the RAW Women's Championship picture. 

06:30 (IST)29 AUG 2020

It's time for the Golden Role Models! At Payback, Banks and Bayley will defend their WWE Women's Tag Team Titles against Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. 

06:28 (IST)29 AUG 2020

King Corbin says that Matt Riddle doesn't belong in his Kingdom, and will break every single one of Riddle's bones at Payback. 

06:27 (IST)29 AUG 2020

06:27 (IST)29 AUG 2020

06:27 (IST)29 AUG 2020

06:25 (IST)29 AUG 2020

We get a recap of the Talking Smack from last week where Big E and The Miz went toe-to-toe on the mic. Backstage, Otis and Tucker are hanging out with Big E when they're interrupted by the Golden Role Models. 

Bayley says that "some people" only have the potential to hold tag titles. That seems a little um...that isn't cool. 

06:20 (IST)29 AUG 2020

After the match, Corbin attempts to take Riddle out, but is sent packing by the King of Bros. 

06:20 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Matt Riddle defeats Chad Gable via pinfall.

06:20 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Gable didn't get much offense in after that, and the Bro Derek lays him out. 

06:20 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Gable didn't get much offense in after that, and the Bro Derek lays him out. 

06:19 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Gable wrenches Riddle's leg with a dragon screw but is taken overhead with a gutwrench suplex. Gable is able to avoid a second one and plants Riddle with a Tiger Suplex. 

06:18 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Of course, Corbin is only a distraction for Chad Gable to lay him out. Corbin accepts Riddle's offer on behalf of Gable. 

06:17 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Matt Riddle challenges King Corbin to a match. Will Corbin finally put his money where... his ransom where his mouth is? 

06:17 (IST)29 AUG 2020

06:12 (IST)29 AUG 2020

Matt Riddle is out next and is looking to shut down the King's Ransom for good. 
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