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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from SmackDown Live (28th May 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 29, 2019 02:44 GMT

How will the Big Dog respond to Shane McMahon's underhand tactics?


02:03 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

He indicates to Truth to cover Elias now that the match is over. He does exactly that.

R-Truth def. Elias to become a 2-time 24/7 Champion

And that's all from us! Thank you and have a good night! We hope you enjoyed our live commentary!

02:01 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

R-Truth shows the fight as he hangs in, sending McIntyre outside and taking out Elias. He tags Roman Reigns in and The Big Dog begins unloading. He gets ready for the Superman Punch but McIntyre distracts him. Shane McMahon tries to interject himself but Reigns nearly takes him out. McIntyre runs in for a Claymore kick but misses, landing flat on the announce table.

Elias tries to take advantage of the distraction, but eats a spear instead.

Roman Reigns & R-Truth def. Drew McIntyre & Elias

After the match, Reigns hits another spear on Elias

01:56 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Shane McMahon is strutting with arrogance at ringside while Elias and Drew McIntyre continue to punish R-Truth.

01:50 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Drew McIntyre comes in and slows Reigns down. He quickly tags Elias back in. Elias gets stopped in his tracks by a Samoan drop. R-Truth offers to tag in despite being beaten up and it doesn't take long for McIntyre to get the Glasgow Kiss. He slams him against the barricade outside.

01:49 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

01:48 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

R-Truth is clearly beaten down and struggles to get in the ring, but Elias and Drew McIntyre jump him from behind. Roman Reigns comes in for the save while Shane McMahon runs back to keep some distance. The bell rings as Reigns pushes Elias in the ring

01:46 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

An unexpected episode of Firefly Fun House!

01:46 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

01:40 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

R-Truth & Roman Reigns vs Elias & Drew McIntyre

01:30 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

01:29 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

01:29 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

01:29 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

After the match, tensions boil over and Evans attacks Flair from behind. Flair retaliates and the two are separated by the referees. That was a short-lived alliance!

01:28 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Bayley finds the space outside the ring and slidekicks between the ringpost, taking Evans down. She has a momentary confrontation with Flair before elbowing her. Flair chases her into the ring, but the referee prevents an interference. Evans rolls Bayley up amd had her pinned, but the referee was distracted. When he did start the count, Bayley kicked out and pinned her down for the win.

Bayley def. Lacey Evans

01:26 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

01:26 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Bayley hits a crossbody on Evans, who kicks out. Evans seems to have the power advantage, kicking Bayley to the gut. She's in control.

01:22 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Lacey Evans hits a low-impact elbow drop for a two count. She rolls out of the ring and Charlotte, on commentary, teases attacking her, only to sit back down.

01:21 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Lacey Evans tries to take Bayley down quickly but the champion uses her craftiness to try and pinher down. Right now, Evans is in control but Bayley evades her leap and kicks her face.

01:21 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

01:20 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Bayley vs Lacey Evans

01:15 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

01:12 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

01:12 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Shane McMahon says that he's suspending the 24/7 title rule for tonight.

The main event will be a beaten down R-Truth and Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre and Elias!

01:10 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

R-Truth runs in out of the crowd, with Maverick chasing him. He gets in the ring and pins Maverick, successfully defending the title.

Shane McMahon, infuriated that Truth interrupted his moment, begins attacking Truth. The champion gets beaten down and McIntyre hits a Claymore Kick. Elias pins him.

Elias def. R-Truth to become the NEW 24/7 champion!

01:07 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Shane McMahon praises the video production team and Kevin Dunne after a video package is shown. He vows to beat some respect into Roman Reigns for attacking Vince McMahon when he moved to SmackDown.

01:04 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

01:03 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

It's Shane McMahon appreciation night, with Elias and Drew McIntyre

Shane Mcmahon says he was reluctant at first when Drew McIntyre suggested the Shane McMahon appreciation night. He brags about how humble he is.

01:01 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Aleister Black says that he understands that people want him to pick a name to call out. He says that he's waiting for someone to pick him.

00:56 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

00:55 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

00:55 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

The SmackDown roster chases him and runs past the booth, so Truth walks out. Drake Maverick runs into him and Truth apologizes, not realizing that Maverick is after him. He makes a run for it

00:55 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Jinder Mahal comes out of nowhere and attacks Truth, but fails to pin him. Truth slams him against the door and throws him before hiding in the photo booth.

00:53 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Sonya DeVille causes the distraction by standing on the apron and lifting the magazine up. Carmella misses a superkick and Mandy Rose rolls her up to get a fluke win.

Mandy Rose def. Carmella

00:52 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Mandy Rose in the heat of the moment lands a vicious knee to the face, but she isn't able to put her away.  Carmella takes her down with a hurricanrana before slamming her into the turnbuckle - followed by the bronco buster

00:50 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

The two start with a lock-up, with Mandy lifting the magazine up and showing it off to everyone. Carmella kicks the magazine out of her hand

00:48 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

00:48 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

00:46 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose are handing out "Hers" Magazine cover with Mandy Rose on it. They give it to the IIconics and then to people backstage before disrupting Ember Moon, who's really into the book she's reading. They dump a few copies on her and leave, while she just throws them down and resumes reading.

Carmella vs Mandy Rose is next!

00:43 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Tucker says it's time for the fun to end and get down to business blue-collar style.

The referee runs in and Heavy Machinery are ready. Daniel Bryan doesn't seem impressed but accepts there challenge...just not tonight in the "fracking" city of Oklahoma!

00:42 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

00:41 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

He then begins to trash Oklahoma and he has a message "Save the tag team division and save the planet".

Kayla says that while they may not think much of the tag team division, but there is a team interested in challenging them - Heavy Machinery

00:40 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Daniel Bryan vows to be the best tag team in history along with Rowan, along with his vow to save the planet.

00:39 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

00:38 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Daniel Bryan & Rowan is being interviewed by Kayla Braxton, who asks them what they want the tag team division to know. Bryan declares that the entire tag team division is a joke - not one that makes them laugh, but cringe.

00:37 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

00:32 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

R-Truth seems to be disgruntled about being on the run 24/7. He asks Carmella "Do you know how hard it is to be European Champion?". And they run again after hearing noises backstage

00:30 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

00:29 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Kevin Owens and Kofi Kingston are on the top turnbuckle and the champion loses balance after being headbutted down. Owens hits a full power splash but Kingston STILL kicks out. Kevin Owens tries to get the pop-up powerbomb but Kingston jumps over his head and gets a trouble of paradise out of nowhere!

Kofi Kingston def. Kevin Owens

00:27 (GMT)29 MAY 2019

Kofi Kingston hangs onto the ropes and tries to use his core strength to get back up, but KO kicks his head and splashes on him outside. He narrowly evades the 10 count and gets splashed INSIDE the ring, but he kicks out again!
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