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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from SmackDown Live after MITB 2019 (21st May 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 22, 2019 02:44 GMT

What does Kofi and Xavier Woods have in mind for Big E's return?


02:44 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Have a look at all the results from tonight's episode right here!

02:03 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Thank you for joining us in what we thought was a great episode of SmackDown Live! See you next week for RAW! Thanks and good night!

02:02 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

02:01 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

He then gets hit with a CLAYMORE KICK out of nowhere! DREW McINTYRE IS HERE! Looks like McIntyre is his official bodyguard now. What a way to end the show!

02:01 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Reigns, realizing what happens, hits a drive-by on Shane. Elias takes advantage and then shoves Reigns against the ringpost. He throws him into the ring and hits an elbow drop, but Reigns kicks out. Shane places the guitar in the ring and tries to distract the referee. Elias is about to smash the guitar on Reigns, but Reigns spears him instead for the win!

Roman Reigns def. Elias

Right after, Shane McMahon attacks him, but Reigns comes back and neutralizes him before picking up the guitar himself.

01:58 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Elias slips underneath and has Roman Reigns on his shoulders. He flips him over and powerbombs him, but Reigns kicks out in the last second. 

Roman Reigns manages to come back with a superman punch, but Elias' leg is placed on the rope by Shane McMahon.

01:57 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Roman Reigns gets ready to lock and load, but Shane McMahon distracts him by pulling his leg. Elias takes advantage of the distraction but that advantage is just temporary, as Reigns makes Elias pay for it. He places him on the top turnbuckle and slaps him.

01:56 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Back after the break, Roman Reigns is still bullying Elias. He takes him down and starts a series of ten strikes. Relentless, he hits a big boot and gets the crowd pumped.

01:53 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

01:52 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

01:51 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Roman Reigns then hits the driveby and Shane McMahon baits him, allowing Elias to advantage. He kicks the ropes which serves as a low blow to reigns. The referee didn't see it.

01:50 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Roman Reigns starts with a big right hand to Elias

01:44 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Time for Roman Reigns vs Elias (w/ Shane McMahon)

01:42 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

01:41 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

01:39 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

01:38 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Dolph Ziggler vows to defeat Kofi Kingston at Super ShowDown. It looks like that's the match we're getting for Saudi Arabia.

01:38 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

A bitter Ziggler praises Kingston for all he's done, and keeps repeating "IT SHOULD'VE BEEN ME!". Is this the new "Give me what I want?"

01:37 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

01:36 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Backstage, Sarah Schreiber asks why Dolph Ziggler did what he did? Ziggler says that an honest question requires an honest answer. He says it goes back months. When Ali got injured and Kofi Kingston stepped up to the plate and knocked the opportunity out of the park. And it SHOULD have been Ziggler. He displays jealousy over the hurdles that Kofi jumped and the success he acheived.

01:35 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

01:29 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Becky Lynch finally gets the tag and wastes no time in hitting a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle. She dropkicks Evans' legs, taking her out. She then climbs to the top turnbuckle again and takes Flair down before hitting a Bexploder. Charlotte tries to get a roll-up but the referee catches her hands on the rope. Becky goes for the dis-arm-her, but Evans hits a woman's right on her. She rolls towards Bayley, who tags herself in. Bayley takes Evans out and then gets a roll-up on Charlotte, pinning her again!

Bayley & Becky Lynch def. Charlotte Flair & Lacey Evans

01:25 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

01:25 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Charlotte Flair is going at it with Bayley. She turns things around in the corner before eating a big boot to the back of the head. An angry Charlotte Flair relentlessly stomps her. Bayley nearly tags Becky Lynch in, but Flair comes from underneath and takes Lynch out.

01:21 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Becky Lynch & Bayley vs Charlotte Flair & Lacey Evans

01:21 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

01:21 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

01:09 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Kofi is being stretchered out, but the pride of the WWE champion makes him get up and limp away himself without any assisteance

01:06 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

01:05 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

01:05 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Ziggler knees his head from behind after and when the referees finally come out, Ziggler seemingly stops the attack and goes back to the ring. Unsurprisingly, he chases the doctors away and places the chair over his head again before STOMPING on it!

It looks like Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler will be the next WWE title program!

01:04 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Ziggler starts the assault, absolutely mugging the WWE Champion. He rakes his eyes and then places a steel chair over the head of the champ. He places it over his head and slams it into the announce table! This is madness.

01:03 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

01:02 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Paul Heyman is out with the MITB briefcase. Kofi Kingston gets ready to retaliate, but he gets blindsidede by...Dolph Ziggler?

It's Ziggler! After months!

01:00 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

The two are slugging it out after the break. Kofi neutralizes Sami Zayn's charge by jumping and stomping his chest. He gets ready to finish things but Zayn avoids a Trouble in Paradise. There's a small scramble before Kingston lands the Trouble in Paradise (TiP) clean.

Kofi Kingston def. Sami Zayn

00:59 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

00:59 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

00:58 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Kofi Kingston clotheslines Zayn, but Zayn manages to fire back with his own offence - taking control. The WWE Champion jumps on the turnbuckle and dropkicks Zayn.

00:52 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

00:52 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Backstage, Big E looks like he's been attacked and his knee injury has been reinvigorated. The implication is that Sami Zayn attacked him. The New Day's music hits and Kingston rushes to the ring with a chip on his shoulder. Sami Zayn laughs when pointing to the screen and Kofi wastes no time in going after him.

Kofi Kingston vs Sami Zayn

00:49 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

00:49 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

00:49 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Carmella jumps on his back and they run away through the crowd.

Backstage, Bayley says that she's given up the hugs and urges all challengers to step up. Bayley the hugger is no more

The camera cuts back to Truth and Carmella, who try to go into a room, only to scream and run out again. It's not shown who is in that room, but they run away while the roster chases them, including the likes of Brian Kendrick and Drake Maverick.

Sami Zayn looks puzzled as all of them run by him. He gets ready for his match with Kofi Kingston - NEXT!

00:46 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

After their Twitter spat, Carmella wastes no time in going at it against the "unsafe" Mandy Rose. DeVille pulls Rose out but Carmella urges her to come back out. Carmella goes out, drags Rose in and superkicks her.

She even drags DeVille in and attacks her. She looks to finish Rose, but a flurry of superstars begin to chase Truth for the 24/7 title. For some reason, the referee feels the need to call it a DQ.

The match ends in a no contest.

00:42 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Carmella vs Mandy Rose

Why is R-Truth ringside? Worst disguise ever

00:42 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

00:42 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

00:36 (GMT)22 MAY 2019

Backstage, Carmella seems elated at what she's done with R-Truth. He's basically been made to look like Carmella. She hands him a bra, which he gives back to her saying "I've always had trouble getting these open"
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