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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from SmackDown Live before Stomping Grounds 2019 (18th June 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 19, 2019 07:44 IST

Will Ziggler make a statement out of Xavier Woods?


07:31 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens are tagged in. They go counter after counter and Rollins gets him in position for the stomp. Zayn holds Rollins' legs and KO nearly gets the Pop-up powerbomb. Rollins eventually counters Owens' multiple counters and secures the STOMP!

Seth Rollins pins Kevin Owens.

Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston def. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens 2-0

07:29 (IST)19 JUN 2019

07:29 (IST)19 JUN 2019

07:28 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Zayn is tagged back in and Kofi Kingston is chasing the second pinfall. This time, he sees the Trouble in Paradise coming and fights back.

07:26 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Seth Rollins starts an onslaught on Kevin Owens, who retaliates. Meanwhile, Paul Heyman is backstage watching.

07:20 (IST)19 JUN 2019

The match starts off and somehow Kingston IMMEDIATELY LANDS THE TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Fall 1!

Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins get the first fall. 1-0

07:17 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Seth Rollins (w/ Steel chair) & Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn - 2-out-of-3 falls match

Seth Rollins is carrying the chair. He REALLY loves that steel chair

07:14 (IST)19 JUN 2019

07:12 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Drake Maverick disguises himself as Carmella and gets ambushed and pinned!

Drake Maverick is the new 24/7 champion!

declares that he's getting married and drives off with the referee's car and the title. R-Truth, still confused, asks "When did Carmella get married? And why wasn't I invited?"

07:03 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Ember Moon comes across Carmella, who asks her whether she's seen Truth. Ember asks if she's seen Sonya DeVille or Mandy Rose. Carmella also wants to know where DeVille and Rose are. Ember Moon finally comes across the two, who are eating doughnuts.

Ember confronts them and it leads to a brawl between her and DeVille, with referees separating the two.

06:58 (IST)19 JUN 2019

The Miz is now handicapped without Truth. McIntyre gets attacked from the outside. Miz nearly gets the better of Elias but McInytre returns soon enough and the numbers game catches up to The Miz, who ends up getting eliminated

Drew McIntyre & Elias def. The Awesome Truth

06:53 (IST)19 JUN 2019

06:53 (IST)19 JUN 2019

R-Truth is eliminated

Shelton Benjamin and a bunch of others come running in and snatch the title, with all of them running around the ring. A referee reminds Benjamin that he actually needs to pin Truth to win the title. Truth snatches it and runs away, with people chasing him

06:51 (IST)19 JUN 2019

The Awesome Truth vs Drew McIntyre & Elias - Elimination match

Elias and The Miz lock it up before R-Truth tags in. Truth gets the better of Elias but soon goes face-to-face with the former United States Champion. McIntyre evades a scissor kick. Truth tries to tag The Miz in but Shane McMahon pulls his legs from underneath. Elias tags in and easily eliminates R-Truth

06:48 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Backstage, The IIconics cross paths with AoP, who were talking to Corbin. Paige asks them for a tag title shot for the Kabuki Warriors and they make every possible excuse. She says that she already got them a match next week at Tokyo and if they win, they get a tag title shot later on!

06:42 (IST)19 JUN 2019

06:41 (IST)19 JUN 2019

06:41 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Shane McMahon puts The Miz up against Drew McIntyre & Elias and gives him ten seconds to find a partner.

R-Truth appears from underneath the ring and tries to escape. Miz sees him and REUNITES THE AWESOME TRUTH!

Shane announces that it's going to be a Tag Team Elimination match!

06:40 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Shane cites Daddy issues, but The Miz retaliates, stating that Shane McMahon made SmackDown the land of opportunity and something different, but now both shows feed his ego because he takes up all the airtime

06:37 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Miz comes out and rewinds what happened last night on RAW. Shane McMahon refuses to see anymore clips, telling the production truck that if they air one more clip, they'll be fired.

06:33 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Shane McMahon is out with Elias and Drew McIntyre. McMahon tells Greg Hamilton not to make the announcement because people already KNOW he's the best in the world

06:30 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Meanwhile, Aleister Black is still searching for someone to fight with him

06:27 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Shane McMahon arrives outside the arena and KO and Sami Zayn appear, concerned about what's happening on SmackDown. They complain about things going wild on SmackDown. Shane McMahon says they'll be taking on Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins in a 2-out-of-3 falls match

06:26 (IST)19 JUN 2019

06:23 (IST)19 JUN 2019

The B-Team struggle to get up but when they do...SETH ROLLINS APPEARS!

He continues doing what he did last night - slamming their backs with a steel chair. He's relentless!

06:22 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Axel goes at it with Tucker. He shows off some of his athleticism. He tags Otis in and the big man dominates, slamming both Axel and Dallas ont he mat. He obliterates them in the corner while Daniel Bryan berates them for wasting time with unnecessary moves. Heavy Machinery pick up an impressive win

Heavy Machinery def. B-Team

Heavy Machinery will face Daniel Bryan & Rowan for the SmackDown Tag Team titles at Stomping Grounds

06:19 (IST)19 JUN 2019

06:19 (IST)19 JUN 2019

B-Team vs Heavy Machinery (w/ Bryan & Rowan on commentary)

06:14 (IST)19 JUN 2019

06:13 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Apollo Crews comes to Zelina Vega and asks for Andrade, stating that he can't be too far away. Andrade jumps him from behind and they walk away, while Chad Gable looks on from behind and...takes notes?

06:12 (IST)19 JUN 2019

06:12 (IST)19 JUN 2019

They start throwing fire at each other, with Bliss telling Bayley that she peaked at NXT. They get into a brawl and Nikki Cross pries Bayley off. The distraction allows Bliss to get the upper hand for the time being

06:11 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Alexa Bliss goes all the way back to their NXT days where Bayley didn't help her out and the entire locker room made her feel worthless. Bayley reminds her that what she's doing to Nikki Cross is the exact same that she did to Nia Jax and Mickie James

06:10 (IST)19 JUN 2019

06:09 (IST)19 JUN 2019

A Moment of Bliss w/Bayley

Alexa Bliss starts off by kicking up a fuss, having no coffee in her hand. Bayley comes out with coffee, which she drinks herself. She tells Nikki Cross that Alexa Bliss is using her and Bayley tells Alexa Bliss to talk to her face 

06:04 (IST)19 JUN 2019

06:04 (IST)19 JUN 2019

06:02 (IST)19 JUN 2019

The B-Team are talking about being the special guest referee and Shelton Benjamin is next to them. He tells them that it's obvious Corbin wants to use the referee to gain a title. He intends to USE Corbin for his personal gain. 

Matt Hardy comes out of Corbin's "office" and tells "Senor" Benjamin that he's next.

05:58 (IST)19 JUN 2019

05:57 (IST)19 JUN 2019

05:57 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Ziggler slows it down a bit and ties Woods' arm up in the rope, locking in an armbar for a few seconds. Ziggler hits a superkick and finishes Woods. Malice and precision from the WWE title challenger!

05:54 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Light "This is awesome" chants in the crowd. Woods sends Ziggler outside and then hits a dropkick towards the table. Woods deadlifts Ziggler and hits a gutbuster but it's 2!

05:49 (IST)19 JUN 2019

05:49 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come out and attack both Kingston and Big E at ringside, with the referee sending them away. Woods splashes on both of them and he re-enters the ring, with Ziggler hitting a DDT

05:48 (IST)19 JUN 2019

They go for a clean break near the ropes but Ziggler gets a cheapshot in. Woods shoves Ziggler into the ropes and hits a dropkick from behind. Woods start steamrolling through Ziggler

05:46 (IST)19 JUN 2019

05:46 (IST)19 JUN 2019

Xavier Woods vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler goes for a single-leg out of the gate, with Woods trying to get a quick pin.

05:41 (IST)19 JUN 2019

05:41 (IST)19 JUN 2019

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