WWE Survivor Series 2022 Live Results (26th November, 2022): Two WarGames matches, Huge title change

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04:16 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

04:15 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

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04:15 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Wow that was a fantastic show. The finish of the men's WarGames match was fantastic and that will go down as one of the best WarGames matches WWE has done. Thanks for joining us for the show. We'll see you guys again for WWE RAW on Monday night.

04:14 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

04:12 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Sami and Roman hug after the match is over. Sami still looks a little torn up about what he had to do to his former best friend. Jey Uso and Sami Zayn hug now! It's a miracle.

04:11 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

KO is down and Sami offers Jey Uso the chance to hit Owens with the Frog Splash. He hits it. The Bloodline win! Sami is definitely loyal to Roman Reigns and The Bloodline.

The Bloodline def. Team Brawling Brutes

04:10 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Jimmy Uso goes to hit KO with a superkick as Owens and Zayn argue. Sami hits his former best friend with a lowblow and he seems to be regretting it a little. Sami follows it up with a Helluva Kick to Owens. We know which side he's on now!

04:08 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Kevin Owens slaps The Tribal Chief before both men unload on each other. Roman with a Superman Punch and he goes for a Spear. KO stop it with a superkick and he hits the Pop Up Powerbomb. Owens goes for the cover but Sami Zayn leaps on the referee and stops the cover.

04:07 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Solo hits Spinning Solo to McIntyre through the table but KO takes him out with a superkick. Roman Reigns breaks up the counts and faces down Kevin Owens. 

04:06 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Butch ducks and Jey Uso catches Sami Zayn with a superkick. Jimmy looks concerned but Jey just shrugs it off. The Usos hit Butch with the 1D but can't get the win as Ridge Holland breaks the count. Double superkick to Ridge Holland and Roman Reigns hits him with a Spear through the table.

04:03 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Roman Reigns goes for a Spear but Sheamus catches him with a knee to the jaw. Things are breaking down here once again. Team Brawling Brutes are all clubbing The Bloodline members across the chest. This is epic. Can they leave WarGames with the win?

04:01 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Roman Reigns has entered WarGames! The match officially begins. Both teams tee off on each other before Roman clears the deck for The Bloodline. He takes down Sheamus with a Superman Punch.

03:58 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Roman Reigns is the only one left to enter the fray. The match will officially start after Roman enters.

03:57 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Sheamus is in next. Sami tries to stop him from entering the ring but fails. Sheamus is clearing house here. He's already taken out 3 men within a minute of entering the ring.

03:55 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

KO repeatedly superkicks Solo Sikoa but can't take him down. Solo hits him with a backdrop onto the steel. Roman enjoyed that one. Solo now stares down Drew McIntyre.

03:54 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

The Enforcer Solo Sikoa comes in next. Solo goes right after Ridge and Butch, taking both down. Butch goes headfirst into the steel before Solo hits Ridge with a Samoan Drop.

03:51 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Kevin Owens is in next! KO uses a steel cahir as a weapon and he's cleared the ring. He hits Jey Uso with a canonball and follows it up with a Swanton Bomb. The former Universal Champion tosses a chair at Jimmy Uso's face before he's confronted by Sami Zayn. Ridge Holland goes right after Sami Zayn as he's distracted.

03:49 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Jey Uso and Sami Zayn are getting into it with each other once again. Roman Reigns doesn't look happy. The Usos send McIntyre crashing face-first into the steel before turning their attention to Butch.

03:47 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Jimmy Uso is in next for The Bloodline. He brings a table into the ring. The numbers are even again and are about to get more dangerous.

03:45 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Sami Zayn and Jey Uso go after McIntyre but the former WWE Champion is fighting off both men. He sends Jey Uso face-first into the steel three times in a row. Sami leaps off the top rop but is hit with a belly-to-belly. Sami literally flies across the ring.

03:44 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

03:44 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Ridge Holland charges at Jey Uso and Sami Zayn pulls him out of the way as Holland goes crashing face first into the steel. Jey Uso then takes out Butch as Drew McIntyre enters the cage.

03:42 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Jey Uso uses the distraction caused by Sami Zayn to take out Butch. Zayn attacjs Ridge Holland. Ridge turns things around with a series of uppercuts but Jey Uso comes to the rescue.

03:40 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Jimmy Uso wants to go in next but Roman Reigns orders Sami to go in instead. Roman is testing his loyalty.

03:39 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Butch and Ridge Holland are all over Jey Uso. They double team him and work over his injured wrist. 45 seconds till help comes!

03:37 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Ridge Holland comes in next. Jey Uso on a 2 in 1 situation now and Holland is all over him. He gets Butch back on his feet but Jey Uso bought himself some time there and hits back with a boot to the guy.

03:35 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Wow was I wrong. Jey hits back and sends Butch face first into the steel. Jey hammers Butch with right hands. 2 mins until the next man comes in. Elevated neckbreaker from Jey Uso as The Bloodline take control.

03:34 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Team Bloodline vs Team Brawling Brutes (WarGames)

Butch is all over Jey Uos. He's using the cage as a weapon here and going right after his fingers. It's been a tough start for The Bloodline and don't forget, Brawling Brutes have the advantage so things will get worse for Jey before they get better.

03:31 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

The Bloodline are out next. Jey Uso will start things for them.

03:28 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Butch will start the match for his team. A genius decision since this will be his 4th WarGames match.

03:26 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the main event! Team Brawling Brutes are coming out first. It will be interesting to see who starts the match for them.

03:22 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

03:22 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

While we wait for the main event to begin, check out our new Survivor Series video about some of the most shocking moments in the show's 36 year history.

03:19 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Lashley has a double Hurt Lock locked in but Rollins and Theory break free. Rollins dishes out a superkick before hitting Lashley with a Curb stomp. He can't get the cover though. Rollins hits Theory with a suuperplex but Lashley hits a Spear. Theory lands on Rollins and he stays there as the ref counts to three. We have a new champ!

Theory def. Seth Rollins and Lashley

03:17 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

03:16 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Theory tosses Rollins out of the ring and goes after Lashley. He gets Lashley up on his shoulders but can't keep him there. Lashley has the Hurt Lock locked in but Theory rolls him over. Rollins breaks it up with a Frog Splash and gets a nearfall off the cover. This match has really picked up. The fans are really into this, as is yours truly.

03:14 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Seth Rollins has now taken back control of the match. The fans are firmly behind the champ and serenade him as he goes for a Curbstomp. Lashley pulls Theory out of the way and locks in the Hurt Lock. Theory in turn has a sleeper on Lashley. Rollins manages to break free as Lashley dumps Theory out of the ring.

03:10 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Theory doesn't relent. He steps out to ringside and sends Lashley head-first into the announcer's table before sending him crashing into the barricade. Back in the ring, Rollins rolls Theory up for a 2-count. Theory kicks out and takes back control of the match.

03:09 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Theory takes control of the match after smashing both Lashley and Rollins with the steel ring steps. He rolls Rollins into the ring and hits a dropkick for a 2-count.

03:06 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Seth Rollins (C) vs Bobby Lashley vs Austin Theory [for the WWE US Championship]

Bobby Lashley is dominating early on in this match. Theory and Rollins have no answer to his power. Lashley hits shoulder charges to opposing corners before taking down Rollins and Theory in a 2 for 1 special. He then lifts Theory up and uses him as a battering ram to take Rollins down.

03:03 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

03:01 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

It's the US title match up next with Lashley and Austin Theory challenging Seth Rollins.

02:56 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Roman wants Sami to look him in the eyes and let him know if he's with The Bloodline. Sami reiterates that he's dedicated to The Bloodline. He says it means the world to him that Roman accepted him as a part of his family.

02:55 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Roman Reigns has called Sami into his dressing room and asks him if he was talking to KO. Sami admits he was and says he lied to Jey because he had a huge match and didn't want to distract him before it.

02:50 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

02:49 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

02:48 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Back inside the ring, Ronda hits the Piper's Pit. She then locks in the arm bar to retain the title. A brave effort from Shotzi tonight, she can be proud of that.

Ronda Rousey def. Shotzi

02:46 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Both Ronda and Shotzi go crashing out of the ring to the mat. Baszler tries to get involved again but Shotzi hits her with a Sliced Bread. Shotzi dumps both Ronda and Shayna into the front row before diving off the barricade and taking them down, along with a couple of fans in the front row.

02:43 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

 Shotzi heads to the top rope but Ronda Rousey takes her out on the way down. Ronda is in control briefly but she gets too cocky. Shotzi takes Ronda back down. Rousey traps Shotzi's legs but she breaks free with an enziguiri.

02:42 (GMT)27 NOV 2022

Ronda Rousey (C) vs Shotzi [for the SmackDown Women's Championship}

Ronda Rousey locks in an ankle lock early but Shotzi breaks free. She hits a running splash in the corner. Shotzi goes for a tope suicida but Shayna Baszler pushes Rousey out of the way and takes the hit herself. It's still Shotzi in control though as she rocks Ronda with forearm strikes.
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