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3 Most violent UFC fighters today

Johny Payne
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The UFC comprises several violent MMA fighters
The UFC comprises several violent MMA fighters

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts has carved a rather unique niche for itself over the past several years.

In fact, one wouldn't be remiss to say that MMA is viewed by many as a wondrous amalgamation of the run-of-the-mill elements which characterize a sport and the primal appeal of fisticuffs.

As the famed sons of Stockton 209, the Diaz brothers, would very often say--"We're going to war".

While there may be a hint of hyperbole in the "war" aspect of an MMA fight, the fact remains that once that cage door slams shut, you're fighting for your life. Granted that there are rules, referees and safety measures galore--however, when combatants begin to sling heavy leather, it's anything goes.

The fight game is dangerous, violent, often times bloody--nevertheless, it boasts a strange sort of attraction which appeals to the basic instinct of human nature. After all, humans are animals--albeit social ones!

The pure violence of an MMA fight has, for long, served to draw millions of eyeballs to this challenging, yet beautiful sport of ours. Speaking of which, the UFC--currently being the world's premier MMA promotion--houses some of the most violent Mixed Martial Arts competitors on the planet.

Buckle up, MMA fanatics. Let's take a look at some of the most violent UFC fighters today--

#3 Yoel Romero

Yoel Romero is a beast
Yoel Romero is a beast

Well, no list of violent combat artists is complete without mention of the widely-feared Yoel "Soldier Of God" Romero.

Out of his 13 professional MMA bouts, 11 have come by way of KO/TKO. A rather intriguing factor to note in this equation, is that despite being an excellent grappler, seldom does Romero look to go for a submission.

Bear in mind that this former Olympian, who possesses top-tier freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling skills, could very well choose to submit his foes if he wants to. Nevertheless, the Soldier Of God always pursues the stoppage victory by way of knockout.

Romero is world-renowned for his violent finishes--which are further amplified by the terrifying speed and mind-boggling power with which he attains them. The heavy-handed Cuban fighter is gifted with great pugilistic skills to go with an elite grappling base.

Furthermore, his knee strike KOs are a testament to hard work and disciplined drilling of traditional Muay Thai techniques. Romero is a fighter who can dispatch any foe with a blitz which often leaves not only the fans but also experts scratching their heads as to what really transpired.

Yoel Romero is one scary individual!

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