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UFC 229: 3 hilarious moments from the UFC 229 pay-per-view

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333   //    10 Oct 2018, 05:46 IST

UFC 229: Lewis v Volkov
UFC 229: Lewis v Volkov

UFC 229 was one of the most awaited shows from the recent history of MMA. The show worked in a way no one had expected, with each of the fights until the main event delivering on another level altogether.

The main event saw the events of the show earlier overlooked, as the matter of Khabib Nurmagomedov defeating Conor McGregor and the fact that he then went on to celebrate his victory by attacking members of Conor's camp eclipsing the rest of the event.

However, as a show, UFC 229 was a fun one, with the main card particularly delivering when it comes to moments of hilarity which seemingly have no place on the card of a show like UFC 229.

The audience enjoyed them, and the fighters got to have a chuckle in the midst of fighting for their pride, their lives, and their careers.

In this article, we will look at the shows that delivered on another level, when it comes to funny moments, which left the audience laughing and wondering, either with the fighters, or in appreciation of what they saw inside the Octagon.

#3. Alexander Volkov and the mouth-piece:

UFC 229: Lewis v Volkov
UFC 229: Lewis v Volkov

On the main card, in what many argued was the fight of the night, Derrick Lewis faced Alexander Volkov.

The Russian had been undefeated since coming to the UFC, having picked up four consecutive victories. These victories had seen the hype around the fighter slowly grow, as he looked to have become a tough opponent for anyone that he was placed in the Octagon with.

Enter Derrick Lewis. Coming off a mixed few performances, with a couple of wins and losses, Lewis was the underdog going into the bout.


Lewis was clearly dominated by Alexander Volkov for most of the fight, but in the third round, he looked like he was getting his own back. In fact, he landed a good shot on Volkov, which saw the fighter lose his mouth guard.

In a moment of hilarity, Volkov was so shaken by the blow, that he thought that the mouth guard on the ground next to him belonged to Lewis. He tried to put it into the mouth of his opponent after the referee paused the fight, much to Lewis' indignation.

When people realised what had happened they all joined in the laughter, as Volkov, embarrassed, put the mouth piece into his own mouth instead.

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