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5 different ways in which UFC and WWE can work together

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Can WWE and UFC co-exist?

Everyone knows by this point that there's an increasingly unusual working relationship between WWE and UFC. By this, we of course mean that they act like 16 year olds at a prom - they circle around each other, don't interact directly and only really talk when the situation is forced upon them.

It's a painful process but as fans, we must deal with it accordingly.

However, in this fantasy world that we live in we're able to orchestrate different scenarios in our minds that we wish to see play out on our television screens. For example, if World Wrestling Entertainment and the Ultimate Fighting Championship are your two favourite things on the planet then you can cook up some ideas in your head as to how they could interact.

Which is exactly what we're here to do today. You see, the ever-stubborn Vince McMahon and Dana White have always been friendly enough to one another but there needs to be more substance to it than that. These companies are sitting on a gold mine and whilst they are already worth billions, wouldn't it be great to multiply that figure by three or four?

With that in mind, let's look at five different ways in which UFC and WWE can work together.

#5 Sponsorship

Brock Lesnar
WWE used their sponsorship time well at UFC 200

Sponsorship is a big part of any promotion, and it's what brings in alot of revenue for sports companies all around the world. Because of this it's vital to have a range of different links to fellow promotions and materials that can help you out - which is where WWE and UFC can come together.

We've already kind of seen this with WWE 2K17, but still.

Having a WWE game logo inside the octagon or alternatively having a UFC event being promoted on a WWE pay-per-view. People may suggest that it'll take viewers away from the pro wrestling product, but considering that both sides are helping each other it'll even itself out soon enough. In summary, it just makes sense.

Onto something that's a bit more important where the superstars themselves are concerned.

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