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5 ECW Hardcore wrestlers who would have been lethal inside the Octagon

Nishant Raj
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The land of extreme

Far from the star power of the World Wrestling Entertainment, behind closed doors, started a movement that changed the course of professional wrestling forever.

The legend Paul Heyman didn’t need big names to make a name for himself, all he needed was a bunch of dedicated folks to give form to his ideas. The linchpin of Extreme Championship Wrestling took the idea of hardcore wrestling all the way to the forefront and assiduously contributed to its success.

ECW gave pro wrestling a new dimension by introducing a legion of Superstars who could go to any lengths, braving chair shots, barbed-wire hits and being put through burning tables to put up good shows, week in and week out.

Here are 5 notable ECW Superstars who would have carried the same mindset in mixed martial arts and would have certainly been lethal inside the cage:

#5 Sabu

The man who fears nothing

The name that undoubtedly deserves the distinction of being the top-draw for this highfalutin list that comprises of some of the toughest SOBs, is none other than Sabu.

Terry Michael Brunk, better known by his ring name ‘Sabu’ was one of the most prominent wrestlers in Paul E. Dangerously’s Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Known for his appetite for depredation and the propensity to endure vile beatings, Sabu was definitely one of ECW’s ‘most valuable’, having featured in some of the most brutal matches in the promotion.

Hailed as one of ‘ECW’s originals’, Sabu, despite not being a “technically gifted” wrestler, knew how to put up a show, having featured in some matches which could rightfully be termed as “acerbic”.


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A notable mention here would be his No-Rope Barbed-Wire match against Terry Funk, a match that created so much hysteria, that it was termed “too extreme even by ECW standards” (that says quite a lot).

During the course of the match, Sabu attempted the ‘Air Sabu’ which badly miscued resulting in Sabu diving straight into the wire, tearing open his biceps. What was really surprising, however, was the fact that Sabu asked his manager for some tape, attempted to tape the 10-inch gap and continued with the match!

Had Sabu been a UFC fighter, he probably would have stood his ground even when most “professional fighters” would have thrown in the towel!

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