5 fights for Kayla Harrison in 5 different organizations

Kayla Harrison has a professional record of 12-0
Kayla Harrison has a professional record of 12-0

Kayla Harrison is no longer a free agent after it was announced that she has re-signed with the PFL. The announcement means that fans can stop speculating on potential fights for Harrison in various organizations. This article delves into some of the options and fights that might have been available to Harrison during her free agency saga.

The decision marks the end of months of speculation after many major MMA organizations in the sport had been vying for her signature.

Surprise Surprise… The Queen is Back 👑 @KaylaH

Harrison's decision to re-sign with the PFL makes all the sense in the world. It has been reported that Bellator offered her a very lucrative deal and that the PFL were then able to match it to secure the services of the former Olympian. It is believed that she has now become one of the highest-paid female athletes in MMA.

With that being said, many were calling for her to sign elsewhere in search of better competition. Harrison has gone undefeated in two PFL seasons and while the roster has been strengthened, she will once again be the favorite heading into her third.

Here are five fights for Kayla Harrison in five different organizations.

#5. Kayla Harrison vs. Paige VanZant - AEW

Paige VanZant has a professional record of 8-5
Paige VanZant has a professional record of 8-5

It should come as no surprise that Kayla Harrison did not opt to take her talents to AEW. While Harrison has appeared on the show a few times in the past, her comments afterward suggest that she didn't exactly love the experience. However, it certainly seems as though she could have been successful in the organization.

Kayla Harrison Says AEW Appearance Was One Time Only: 'It's So Stupid. It's So Silly.'

Harrison is an exceptional talker and has the charisma to get fans interested in her fights. One could also say with full confidence that she would be able to take to pro-wrestling seamlessly, given how exceptional an athlete she is. On top of that, her former teammate Paige VanZant would be a ready-made rival in the organization.

VanZant has appeared somewhat regularly on AEW and seems very much at home in the world of professional wrestling. If Harrison were to turn on her teammate, they could put on an MMA-style pro-wrestling match that could be a big hit for All Elite Wrestling.

#4. Kayla Harrison vs. Julia Budd - PFL

Julia Budd has a professional record of 21-5
Julia Budd has a professional record of 21-5

We have now learned that Kayla Harrison will be heading back to the PFL. She will now attempt to complete a third straight undefeated season and earn another million-dollar check. The biggest criticism of this move is the lack of competition for her in the PFL, but perhaps Julia Budd will have something to say about that.

Former Bellator women's featherweight champion Julia Budd has signed a contract with PFL, sources told @marc_raimondi.Budd will debut — against an opponent to be determined — on the undercard of PFL's championship on Oct. 27, then be a part of PFL's season structure next year.

Budd was the inaugural Bellator featherweight champion and successfully defended that belt on three occasions. Her only professional losses have come to three of the sport's best, i.e., Amanda Nunes, Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg. If she ends up facing Harrison, things could get very interesting.

While there are obviously higher-profile names that Harrison could go against, Budd would present her with her toughest challenge to date. If both women went undefeated in the PFL regular season and then met in the final, this could become a massive promotion fight.

#3. Kayla Harrison vs. Ronda Rousey - WWE

Ronda Rousey has a professional record of 12-2
Ronda Rousey has a professional record of 12-2

While Harrison made it clear that she does not want to pursue professional wrestling at this time, a fight with 'Rowdy' is something fans everywhere would love to see.

Ronda Rousey and Harrison have bizarrely similar careers. Rousey won an Olympic bronze in Judo in 2008, while Harrison won two Olympic golds at the following two games. Rousey then became the most valuable prospect in women's MMA and the UFC eventually built a division around her. Harrison has also achieved a very similar scenario in the PFL thus far.

Now that Rousey has moved on to the WWE, the window will remain open for this potential matchup for some time. Harrison can continue to pursue her MMA career and then eventually jump over to the professional wrestling world to set up this huge bout. Harrison vs. Rousey would be a historic fight, even in WWE.

#2. Kayla Harrison vs. Cris Cyborg - Bellator

Cris Cyborg has a professional record of 25-2 (1 NC)
Cris Cyborg has a professional record of 25-2 (1 NC)

Outside of the PFL, no organization came closer to signing Kayla Harrison than Bellator. This led many fans to look forward to a potential bout between Harrison and Bellator's featherweight world champion Cris Cyborg. In fact, even though she's now signed elsewhere, there is still demand for this particular bout.

Not surprising PFL matched. Kayla is in high demand. Now, would love to see a cross promotion with Bellator at some point for a Kayla, Cyborg fight. How great would that be?…

Cyborg and Harrison are inarguably the two biggest stars in women's MMA outside of the UFC. On top of that, Cyborg proved herself to be one of the most fearsome competitors in the UFC during her time there, only losing once inside the octagon. She is a world-class fighter and would provide a huge test for Harrison.

While this bout is likely no longer in play for the time being, we might not have to wait too long. Some are calling for an inter-promotional bout to facilitate this matchup. Alternatively, Cyborg is approaching the end of her Bellator contract and so could join Harrison in the near future in the PFL.

#1. Kayla Harrison vs. Amanda Nunes - UFC

Amanda Nunes has a professional record of 21-5
Amanda Nunes has a professional record of 21-5

A potential fight between Kayla Harrison and Amanda Nunes undoubtedly lost some shine when the latter lost to Julianna Peña at UFC 269. With that being said, Nunes remains the female GOAT of MMA in many people's eyes and should she beat Peña in their rematch, this would once again be huge.

Julianna Peña (@VenezuelanVixen) and Amanda Nunes (@Amanda_Leoa) face off before "TUF 30" filming and their title rematch. 🔥

On top of that, Nunes's loss led to her parting ways with the American Top Team gym. This is the same gym that Kayla Harrison trains at and so for some time this fight seemed impossible due to their relationship as teammates. Now that this is no longer the case, the path has been cleared for a potential bout.

This remains the biggest potential fight for Kayla Harrison that exists. For that to remain the case, both women will have to win their next few fights. If they are able to do so and Harrison does test free agency again, this fight would be one of the biggest in the history of women's MMA.

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