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5 potential title fights for Tyron Woodley

Harry Kettle
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Woodley is a monster

Following his victory over Stephen Thompson in their rematch at UFC 209, Tyron Woodley is on top of the world as the UFC Welterweight Champion. It's a position that he's wanted for oh so many years now, and after finally reaching the mountaintop fans have one question - what's next? It's a good one, too - as there's a number of potential competitors for the champ to defend his crown against.

Obviously, some of these are much more realistic than others, but as a whole, all five potential bouts could be quite exciting. Woodley himself has stated that he wants a big time money fight, but we'll warn you all now that Conor McGregor will not be appearing anywhere on this list. Why? Because it'd be an absolutely ridiculous mismatch between the two, that's why.

You may think that all of the competitors will stem from the welterweight division, but there are one or two names in there that could come either up or down in weight classes in order to try and dethrone Mr Woodley. It's certainly a tough ask, but we've seen in the past against the likes of Jake Shields and Rory MacDonald that he's certainly not unbeatable.

With that being said, here are five potential title fights for Tyron Woodley.

#1 Georges St-Pierre

GSP vs Woodley was proposed a long time ago

It's the one that he's been asking for, and it's the one that we believe he should get. Georges St-Pierre is currently occupied with an upcoming Middleweight Championship bout against Michael Bisping, but following that there should be no doubt as to who his next match up should be - Tyron Woodley. Tell us you wouldn't want to see that.

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GSP has arguably never faced anyone with Woodley's knockout power before, and in equal measure, Woodley hasn't really faced anyone of GSP's skill or ability. Obviously, we haven't seen Georges inside of the octagon in over three years, but that's why the Bisping fight will be so interesting. He'll likely defeat the Brit, and if he does that he could follow in McGregor's footsteps and try to become a two-weight champion.

Onto a man who Tyron will be sick of at this point.

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