5 reasons Brock Lesnar clearly prefers UFC to WWE

Brock Lesnar
Lesnar has had overwhelming success in both WWE and UFC

Brock Lesnar is a strange entity. Whilst he may be one of the most athletic and successful big men in the history of sports entertainment, he's also quite reserved. The Beast Incarnate keeps alot of things close to his chest, not really participating in the likes of media interviews and things of that nature.

Which, to be honest, is fair enough. If he wants to keep his thoughts to himself then more power to the guy, but we as fans want to see more. His second run in the WWE has included some big high points but also a lot of lows, with his inconsistent booking confusing fans when it comes to what the future may hold.

Over the years he's been a WWE superstar, an MMA fighter and even an american football player in the NFL. However, it seems that above all else the thing that Brock was passionate about more than any other was the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Whether it was the fans or the realistic nature of the sport, something just clicked inside of the now 39-year-old and as a result Vince McMahon will have to share his legacy with Dana White.

So with that being said, let's take a look at five reasons why Brock Lesnar clearly prefers the UFC to WWE.

#5 Promos

Brock Lesnar
Lesnar with a mic in his hand in a WWE ring never equals good things

When you cut a promo in the world of professional wrestling, you need to be convincing. Whether you're a heel or a babyface, getting your point across to the viewing audience can prove to be one of the most important factors in terms of "getting over" with the fans.

If you don't accomplish that then you're a trouble, and it's a good thing for Brock Lesnar that he has Paul Heyman to do that for him in the WWE.

When Heyman delivers his lines, you can often glance over at Brock and see that the guy just doesn't really want to be there. His body language suggests that he'd be much happier inside of the octagon, and if you compare his work on the mic to some of the stuff he was able to produce in the build up to his fights then you'll see how big the difference in quality is.

Onto a similar trait that also emphasises Brock's love for all things MMA.

#4 Interviews

Brock Lesnar
Lesnar looked genuinely excited to appear in front of the media for UFC 200

If you listen to Brock's numerous interviews in the lead up to UFC 200, you will get the strong impression that he's one satisfied guy. He was happy, smiling, joking around and generally having a good time with everybody watching. Whoever Brock speaks to, he let's them know how pleased he is to be back and his post-fight speech with Joe Rogan inside the octagon further highlights those emotions.

Then we look towards the WWE, where Lesnar barely gives any form of interview to the media. In the build up to WWE 2K17 he was more active in this department, but even then his demeanor wasn't that of a satisfied human being. You can tell alot of things by the way someone presents themselves, and Brock Lesnar hasn't seemed happy to be in the professional wrestling business for quite some time now.

We move onto one of the more challenging aspects of both sports.

#3 Preparation

Brock Lesnar
Lesnar left nothing to chance in the UFC

Physically, you need to be in pretty great shape for both MMA and professional wrestling. The two art forms take a big toll on your body, and you have to be completely focused and entirely in the game if you want to thrive under both situations. However, it seems like Brock Lesnar likes to put a touch more effort into one of these than the other. Can you guess which one yet based on the list?

Of course, it was UFC. Prior to his appearance at the 200 event, Lesnar was quietly undergoing a training camp for months on end in the build up to the summer spectacle. He had prepared a team, been running numerous drills and generally looked 100% focused on success inside the octagon.

However, as we've heard from the likes of Dean Ambrose, Brock tends to take a lazier and more laid back approach to the art of pro wrestling. He doesn't particularly care about the set up of the match or what's going to happen, so long as he gets paid.

Now onto a factor that has been well documented as one of Brock's biggest issues with WWE.

#2 Travel

Brock Lesnar
Did you hear that Brock isn’t a fan of travelling everywhere?

Being a WWE superstar is extremely difficult in terms of the actual wrestling itself, but many ex-performers have come out and said that it's the miles travelling on the road that does the most damage. One of the men that strongly believes in this idea is, of course, Mr Brock Lesnar who has highlighted his hatred of the WWE road schedule on many different occasions over the years.

Now that he's on a part time schedule things aren't so bad, but in the UFC he never would've had to contend with such stressful circumstances. Lesnar would've had a training camp to travel to and from, then he'd have a few media appearances before the eventual fight. Simple, clean cut and no where near as much unnecessary travel for the big fella to complain about.

For our final point, it comes down to one very specific factor.

#1 Performances

Brock Lesnar
Lesnar looked fired up every single time he stepped inside the octagon

When Brock Lesnar performed in the UFC he looked focused, ready to go and about as frighteningly athletic as you'd expect. Even whilst battling diverticulitis, the guy was almost unstoppable and his speed and ferocity was out of this world.

For a man of that size, Lesnar should not have been able to do some of the things he did during his UFC tenure whether he won or lost. If he hadn't have fallen ill, who knows what he could've accomplished.

Then you've got the WWE. Suplex, after suplex, after suplex with the occasional knee or two thrown in there. That's good and everything, but we need to see some diversity in order to enjoy your matches nowadays Brock. It's not good enough to show up, do a couple of moves and then leave because we as fans can tell you don't want to be here.

In terms of the worst wrestlers in the company for 2016, Lesnar is up there and his lack of passion shines through above all others.

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