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5 Reasons CM Punk should never fight in UFC again

Harry Kettle
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CM Punk
Punk has been an inspiration to alot of fans

CM Punk's decision to transition into mixed martial arts was extremely admirable. Alot of people didn't give him a chance and instead decided to make a big joke out of the whole situation, but that isn't even remotely the right thing to do. We should be standing up and applauding this guy for taking a risk that he just didn't need to take. 

With that being said, there's a couple reasons why Punk should probably cut his losses and just walk away from the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Some people would be happy with that meanwhile others will want to see him carry on his journey, and he can still continue to do that, but the UFC isn't the place for him right now.

It's a hard truth to take for his hardcore fanbase, but that's just the way things need to be.

When he lost against Mickey Gall he gave one of the best speeches you'll ever hear inside an octagon, and that's the perfect way for him to bow out of the biggest MMA promotion in the world. He gave it a shot on the big stage and couldn't quite overcome the talented youngster. Now, stepping aside is the best move for him.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at five reasons why CM Punk should never fight in the UFC again.

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