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5 Reasons no UFC pay-per-view can compare to Wrestlemania

However grand they are, they pale in comparison to the grandest stage of them all!

Rollins celebrates his iconic championship win.

It's no secret that UFC has succeeded where WWE has badly faltered. Producing more consistent quality pay-per-views on a regular basis than its pro-wrestling contemporary, the world’s best known MMA promotion has been on a winning streak for many years now. So much so, that UFC is an ever growing brand while WWE’s viewership and patronage have been on a decline, over time. 

However, UFC falls short on just one front, Wrestlemania. Even though it may not qualitatively be the best pay-per-view that WWE produces, the sheer magnitude of the event not only rivals but eclipses the biggest UFC pay-per-views. Here are 5 reasons why! 

#5 WrestleMania is a part of popular culture

Wrestlemania is far more than a Wrestling event

It is famously said that when Ted Turner bought WCW, he called up Vince McMahon and said something to the effect of – ‘Hey Vince, I’m in the wrestling business too.’ McMahon famously replied- ‘Well, I’m not. I’m in the entertainment business’. 

Wrestlemania has evolved to so much more than a professional wrestling event alone. Today, it is a mega spectacle that has celebrity appearances, famous comebacks, live musical segments, dramatic entrances and much much more, in addition to sports entertainment portions. It is a movie, a concert, a play and a sporting extravaganza rolled into one. No wonder it is dubbed the grandest stage of them all.

While every UFC pay-per-view is a star-studded affair, it still has an air of respectability about it, because, at heart, it is a sporting event. The sporting aspect is still front and centre, with entertainment as a backdrop to the actual action. 

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