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5 reasons Vince McMahon vs. Dana White would be amazing

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Dana Vince
Could Dana and Vince enter the squared circle?

As every wrestling fan has discovered at one point or another, Vince McMahon is a mad genius. The billionaire owner of WWE has ruled over the world of sports entertainment for years now, and he's done it through a mixture of determination and the ability to not give a damn what anyone else thinks about him.

Hell, he's even gone so far as to actually compete in a few matches over the years. Whether it was at WrestleMania or a common pay-per-view, Vince always puts himself on the line in order to ensure that the fans were having a good time. That meant No Disqualification matches, Hell in a Cell matches, Buried Alive matches - the whole nine yards.

Which begs the question - would he do it again?

At his advanced age Vince probably couldn't pull off some of the odd stunts he used to, but it's still worth thinking about. In terms of opponents, there's only one man we believe is capable of producing the PPV numbers necessary to warrant the contest- Dana White.

So, with that in mind, let's run down the five reasons why Vince McMahon versus Dana White would be truly amazing.

#1 Unpredictability

Dana Vince
Who would get the last laugh?

In terms of who would win this bout, which is what many people would tune in to find out, it really is up in the air. Whilst Vince has a tendency to give himself and his loved ones the victory, it's hard to imagine that Dana would sign up to this and voluntarily lose to the man that people have compared him to on so many occasions throughout the years.

There really is no way to predict what could happen during this match, and that's the fun of professional wrestling. We'd go into the contest with relatively low expectations, and whatever the end product may be, the fact that a lot of people will be on the edge of their seat is what makes it fun.

Whether you like WWE or not, this will keep you interested for at least the first half of the match. Speaking of which, let's talk about those outside viewers.

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