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5 Reasons why Shinsuke Nakamura made the right choice in choosing Pro Wrestling over MMA

Nishant Raj
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Nakamura chose the WWE, here’s why he was right

Shinsuke Nakamura is akin to a fresh breath of air in a business where things have long gone stale, courtesy of the lack of a ‘saviour’, ingenuity in the form of storylines and a star with whom the fans can relate to.

John Cena, as an entity, has been overused and the world is waiting for a new and distinct turn of events. That is where Nakamura’s signing with the WWE is a blessing. The man exudes charisma and passion in equal proportions.

A beast inside the ring, the man can very well become a torch bearer for the WWE. Having a brief Mixed Martial Arts stint evidences the fact that he can fight inside the octagon and might very well have a potential option of MMA ahead of him.

Moreover, there are fans who hope to see him inside the octagon at some point in time. Yet, despite all of that, he chose to swear allegiance to the WWE. Here are some possible reasons why Nakamura gave MMA a miss!

#5 His charismatic nature is best suited for the WWE

The new Captain Charisma?

Right from the time when his music hits, to the time he enters the ring, the talented superstar reeks of charisma and superstardom.

This is best suited for his stint with the World Wrestling Entertainment, where sports and entertainment tastefully juxtapose to put on a great show for the millions (pause) and millions of wrestling fans.

The charisma that he exhibits in conjunction with the sports-entertainment combination, makes the WWE a perfect haven for Shinsuke Nakamura to show his skills off.

I doubt if he’d be as successful in the Ultimate Fighting Championship as he is in the sports entertainment business (not taking away the fact that he can administer beatings on opponents!) 

Nakamura is the sort of person around whom fables can be tailored, making it perfect for storylines that would be in-tune with the WWE product!

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