5 times reporters completely owned UFC fighters

Josh Cohen (left) and Conor McGregor (right)
Josh Cohen (left) and Conor McGregor (right)

UFC fighters and reporters have a really complicated relationship. It is the reporters who can prop up an MMA athlete, but it is to them that the fighters are answerable and accountable, at least to a certain degree. More often than not, however, the dynamic between UFC fighters and reporters is contentious.

While reporters don't usually want to rub UFC fighters the wrong way, it is an occupational hazard that they cannot do away with. Sometimes, however, annoying UFC fighters is exactly what reporters are set on doing. Reporters landing a verbal 1-2 combo on MMA athletes and leaving them furious are moments that are rare and special in equal measure.

On that note, let's take a look at five times reporters completely owned UFC fighters.

#5. Female reporter asks why Jon Jones isn't banned for drug abuse

UFC 247 Jones v Reyes
UFC 247 Jones v Reyes

Ahead of UFC 232, which was headed by Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson 2, a female reporter from Sweden rocked the pre-fight press conference. The reporter, named Izabelle Kostic, irked Jon Jones to his core after asking some hard pressing questions about his drug usage history.

Other reporters present at the press conference didn't even touch on the subject of 'Bones' testing positive for picograms. Kostic, meanwhile, decided to practically own Jon Jones, the recently-stripped UFC light heavyweight champion. She asked Jones:

"How come this is the third time that we're actually taking the focus from the fighters and the fight and talking about what you have in your body, whether it's a picogram or a pictogram. Why have you tested now, positive?"

The direct questions rattled Jon Jones and left him speechless. Instead of answering the question or giving a valid explanation for why he tested positive, 'Bones' resorted to berating the journalist and said:

"Ah, next question, please. Thank you. . . Sit down. I want to take the mic from her. Better questions. Better journalism. Better journalism. You suck. Better journalism."

Kostic proved to be resilient and stayed in her element. Despite Jon Jones being visibly irate, the reporter didn't budge down and risked her future access to UFC events. Responding to Jones telling her to sit down, Kostic hit back and threw a straight fact at the UFC GOAT candidate and told him she was already seated.

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Edited by Josh Evanoff
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