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5 Times UFC fighters made a fool of themselves in the Octagon

Harry Kettle
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Poor old Chael has made his fair share of mistakes

To be a fully fledged fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, you have to possess a range of different skills. Whilst you do need the physical attributes necessary to succeed, there also needs to be a distinct ability within the fighter to stay respectful and composed.

Unfortunately, that trait isn't something that everyone takes on board - as evidenced by these five entries in particular.

We aren't saying that you need to be an absolute saint because we've seen a number of controversial figures try their hand at mixed martial arts in the past. However, what we are suggesting is that there's a certain class you need to have if you want to thrive at the top level for an extended period of time.

Hell, Conor McGregor is the only person who's ever really defied this logic and even he got sparked out by Nate Diaz.

If there's a moral within the UFC that everyone learns at one point or another, it's that everybody falls down. No matter how good you think you are, every dog has his day and that's why there's such an insane amount of preparation that goes into every training camp.

Stay calm, stay humble - and most importantly stay focused. Don't fall into the trap of believing your own hype. With that in mind, let's take a look at five times UFC fighters made a fool of themselves in the Octagon.

#1 Sonnen's spinning back fist

Sonnen was like a deer in the head lights

When Chael Sonnen came within minutes of defeating Anderson Silva for the UFC Middleweight Championship, everyone was convinced that we'd see a rematch. The two fighters went to war and the Brazilian only came away with the belt because of a fortunate submission towards the end of the battle.

So when the second instalment of their rivalry came round, everyone was naturally very excited.


But Sonnen fans were left bitterly disappointed after the bad guy went for a spinning back fist, only to end up on his back which opened the door for Silva to knee him in the face and eventually win the fight. After all of Chael's trash talking in the build up to the sequel, it really did make him look a bit silly as it was such an unusual move to attempt and it came off as cocky more than anything else.

Speaking of Silva, let's talk about when he got a taste of his own medicine.

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