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5 WCW stars that would have been great MMA fighters

Nishant Raj
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had it not been for the WCW, the Monday Night Wars wouldn’t have happened

While most MMA-pro wrestling crossover articles take the WWE into prime perspective, the WCW is often seen as a disregarded entity. Lest people forget, had it not been for the WCW, the Monday Night Wars wouldn’t have happened.

WrestleMania was originally a concept taken from Starcade and Nitro inspired Raw (despite Raw predating Nitro), which affirms the WCW’s ascent to the top spot in this constant tug of war.

The WCW gave us some of the most amazing storylines and promising Superstars (most of them who would cross-over to the WWE later, following Vince’s acquisition), but could some of them have crossed over to mixed martial arts and made it big there? Here are five possible contenders: 

#5 Chris Jericho

He would have broken the walls down

The Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rolla was one of the most celebrated Superstars in the World Championship Wrestling before switching alliances to the WWE.

Having an acumen for technical wrestling, in addition to possessing the gift of gab that spawned some of the most memorable promos (mocking Chris “Ben-oyt” and Kurt “Angel”), Chris Jericho would have definitely been one of the biggest names in mixed martial arts, notably the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Having a repertoire that makes him one of the most versatile Superstars, Jericho would have effortlessly blended in and succeeded in mixed martial arts. Jericho knows how to work his way to the top, he is also proficient in executing high-flying moves that require a lot of grit.

Added to that, his longevity in the professional wrestling business speaks volumes about his fitness. Chris Jericho doesn’t fear taking risks and is adept at groundwork, which would have made him one of the most proficient fighters inside the Octagon. Submission moves are his forte and equally impressive is his counter-attack style of fighting. 

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