6 UFC stars who made appearances in popular television shows

Ronda Rousey made a guest appearance on Blindspot in 2017
Ronda Rousey made a guest appearance on Blindspot in 2017

Over the years, a number of popular athletes from all sports have made appearances on television shows. This includes football players, pro wrestlers and of course, MMA fighters and UFC stars.

In today's article, we take a look at the 6 best appearances by popular current and former UFC stars in television. Which crime drama did Ronda Rousey star in? Which mini-series did Conor McGregor star as himself trying to become a star in the world of horse racing?

#6 Ronda Rousey - Blindspot

Ronda Rousey was Devon Penberthy on Blindspot
Ronda Rousey was Devon Penberthy on Blindspot

This is the most recent appearance on this list. Ronda Rousey played the role of Devon Penberthy in the 2017 episode of crime drama Blindspot called "In Words, Drown I".

Rousey's character was an inmate in federal prison who was arrested for running guns across state lines. The episode focusses on an undercover operation in the prison to make Devon talk.

#5 Randy Couture, Frank Trigg, Dan Henderson, Quinton Rampage Jackson - King of Queens


Although King of Queens wasn't a smash hit, it had a fairly good run on network television. In the episode "Party Favors", Doug gets into a rivalry with another delivery company and the role of one of the men rivalling Doug were played by Randy Couture, Frank Trigg, Dan Henderson, and Rampage Jackson.

Kevin James, star of King of Queens, is a huge MMA fan and a number of MMA stars made cameos on King of Queens.

#4 Conor McGregor - The 13th Jockey


We come next to the 'Notorious One' Conor McGregor. McGregor appeared as himself in the comedy mini-series, The 13th Jockey. The Notorious One played himself in the show as he tried to establish himself as a jockey in the world of horse racing.

#3 Donald Cerrone - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Courtesy: IMDB
Courtesy: IMDB

Donald Cerrone was a guest star in the long-running comedy series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Cerrone appeared in the season 12 episode "Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare" in an episode that also featured a cameo from Dana White.

#2 Chuck Liddell - Bones, Criminal Minds etc

Chuck Liddell has made a number of cameos on tv and in movies
Chuck Liddell has made a number of cameos on tv and in movies

Chuck Liddell has actually appeared in a number of moves and tv shows. The best known among his television cameos are his appearances in Bones and Criminal Minds.

Liddell appeared in a 2013 episode of Bones called 'The Lady on the List'. Liddell plays himself on the episode and got involved after a video surfaced of the victim walking up to Liddell and punching him in the face before turning up dead.

Liddell also appeared in Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour in 2011.

#1 Tank Abbott - FRIENDS


We finish off with what I consider as the Holy Grail of UFC stars making cameos on television shows. The year was 1997 and FRIENDS was one of the top shows on television. The 24th episode of season 3 saw Monica Geller's then-boyfriend Pete training to fight in the Octagon.

After a brutal training regiment, Pete finally got inside the Octagon to face none other than Tank Abbott. The fight was brief and Pete lost it in a matter of minutes. Abbott was one of the most famous UFC fighters in the late 90s and his appearance on FRIENDS only helped increase his mass appeal.

Abbott is also known for his unsuccessful run in World Championship Wrestling at the turn of the century. There are also rumors that then-booker of WCW, Vince Russo, wanted to put the World Heavyweight Championship on Abbott and this led to Russo getting fired.

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