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Brock Lesnar's star will not fade in WWE despite the outcome of his UFC 200 fight

Tom Clark
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Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar fighting in the Octagon is a sight that many likely thought would never be witnessed again. After all, Lesnar had apparently moved past that part of his life and seemed more than happy being a WWE Superstar once again.

But as fans prepare for UFC 200, it’s obvious that Brock is perfectly happy being whatever he wants to be. He’s not in this for the glory, or the prestige. He’s in this because he is indeed a prizefighter, and no matter what happens on July 9, his star will not be negatively impacted in WWE.

How many guys can lay claim to this? How many guys can take a break from WWE, go to another very public medium, and then be accepted back as if they never left? With the exception of The Rock, Brock may be the only one that can boast of such popularity.

Whether he wants to admit it or not, he is insanely popular. He may not be in the game for the praise and adulation of the crowd, but that is exactly what he gets all the time. It’s also what he will get when he does eventually come back to Vince McMahon’s company.

WWE is his home, and that’s the way it is. Fans know this, and they respond in kind. The WWE faithful are loyal to those that are loyal to them. This is especially true in the case of Brock Lesnar, though he has attempted to sabotage his own WWE career many times in the past.

Brock is over despite what he’s said about WWE in the past

Truth be told, he shouldn’t be over as a babyface. He’s not always said nice things about WWE, or its fan base. But fans love winners, and Brock is definitely a winner. Fans also happen to have short term memories when it comes to who turned on them in the past.

All that really matters is the here and now. Fans know they can depend on Brock to get in the ring and completely annihilate anyone that stands in his way. It’s how he does business, and it works for him better than any other method he could possibly use. He’s an animal, and that’s what fans want from him. Anything less and they would be very disappointed.

The connection to big names is important, and it’s key to making WWE successful. Without that connection, the talent would never get over and the company would eventually go out of business. Much like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and Triple H, Brock has that connection.

Fans know what they’re going to get, and they know Lesnar is the best at giving it to them. In an environment in which Roman Reigns can’t get over, and John Cena insists on applauding his haters, it’s comforting for fans to know they can depend on Lesnar to always deliver. He’s no nonsense, and all he wants is to destroy. It’s what he does best.

So why in the world would anyone actually believe that fighting in UFC once again would actually tarnish Brock’s reputation? This is a win for him, as trucks full of money are currently backing up into his front door. It’s also a win for WWE, as the company is receiving massive amounts of publicity right now.

Brock is their talent, and he’s on loan to UFC.

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