Colby Covington dead set at fighting a trilogy with UFC Champion

Kamaru Usman defeats Colby Covington at UFC 245
Kamaru Usman defeats Colby Covington at UFC 245
Anwesha Nag
Modified 20 Feb 2020

Colby Covington expects his feud with Kamaru Usman to continue and eventually become a trilogy sometime soon.

Covington was not very happy with how things ended in their previous encounter, which was evident in the disbelief on his bleeding face when referee Marc Goddard stopped the fight in the last minute of the final round.

Still strong on the opinion that Goddard intervened too soon, Covington shared with MMA Junkie how the results will be different if the rematches are booked.

Colby Covington: Time is on my side

Covington locked horns with the Welterweight Champion at UFC 245 in December last year, which ended in Usman breaking retaining his title and breaking his opponent's jaws in the process. However, Covington is up and ready for a sequel and then a third bout, and according to him, the promotion agrees as well.

"There has been some talks with the UFC; they like the idea of a rematch. They think it’s justified. I mean, look at the fight. I’m up three rounds to one going into the fifth round. I won the first, second and fourth, there’s no questions about that, and the UFC likes the idea."

Although it looks like UFC is going for a title fight between the Champion Usman and the BMF belt owner Jorge Masvidal during the International Fight Week, Covington is positive that a trilogy is on its way.

"This is war, and we had one battle. But you know what, we’re just getting started. We’re just getting started. That was Round 1, there’s still Round 2 and 3 to go, and next time it’s going to be a fair playing field."

With a world title and the self-imposed tag of being Donald Trump's favorite fighter, Covington is not letting anything discourage him from the idea of the trilogy. He believes he has his young age on his side, which would allow him ample opportunity to wait out for the Welterweight Champion, whoever it turns out to be.

"I love training and just getting better and just improving every day, and I know I still have a lot to work on. I’m still new in the game, and the good thing for me is I’m still young. I’m 31 years young... Time is on my side. I’m not going anywhere. We can fight by the end of this year."
Published 20 Feb 2020
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