Tyson Fury lashes out at Joe Rogan following Jon Jones comments

Joe Rogan (left), Jon Jones (middle), Tyson Fury (right)
Joe Rogan (left), Jon Jones (middle), Tyson Fury (right)

Tyson Fury is known for speaking his mind, and he has now lashed out at Joe Rogan for his Jon Jones comments. 'The Gypsy King' ended his short hiatus from social media by calling Rogan a 'f***ing bald-headed midget' for siding with UFC Hall-of-Famer Jones over him.

Rogan stated that 'Bones' would literally 'kill' the Brit if the two were hypothetically locked in a room together and forced to fight, and that all the boxing champion would have is a puncher's chance. While it would likely never happen, the popular MMA commentator believes the use of other martial arts for the UFC star would be the deciding factor.

In a subsequent video posted online, Tyson Fury claimed that no man in the world would be able to beat him in a one-versus-one scenario. He also insulted Joe Rogan for stating otherwise.

"I'm the baddest man on the planet," Fury said. "I heard Joe Rogan say something about me the other day, and I've been off all the social media so I didn't reply to the little p*ssy. The little f***ing bald-headed midget. I heard him say that Jon Jones could f*ck me up if we were in a room together. I don't think so. Not a man born from a mother can f*ck me up in a room on our own. Whatever happens in that room, I'd be walking out. Not a f***ing problem."

Joe Rogan is a strong advocate of Jon Jones. Rogan believes Jones' ability to mix in grappling with the kicks, punches, and clinch game would overwhelm a man many consider to be the greatest boxer of this generation.

Check out Tyson Fury's response to the comments in the video below.


Tyson Fury's history with the UFC

While Tyson Fury has, of course, never stepped foot into the UFC octagon, he has some history with a number of names signed to the promotion. Jon Jones and Joe Rogan are just the latest on that list.

Aside from arguments with Conor McGregor and other brash competitors in the organization, the Englishman has reportedly held talks for a potential boxing clash against former heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

With 'The Predator' no longer tied to a UFC contract and seemingly free to do as he pleases in the PFL, a long-awaited fight between the two has much more of a chance to blossom into something real.

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