"He did a lot of evil things" - Georges St-Pierre reveals he would like Adolf Hitler as his opponent for a dream celebrity fight

Georges St-Pierre picks his choice for a celebrity fight
Georges St-Pierre picks his choice for a celebrity fight

Every combat sports athlete to ever don a pair of fighting gloves has their own dream matchup, and Georges St-Pierre is no exception. However, GSP's choice of opponent is a bit out of left field yet completely justified.

The Canadian fight sports icon recently caught up with Adam Catterall on Instagram Live for the Arnold Sports Festival UK. The final question of the Q&A session was from an Instagram user named Sam, who asked Georges St-Pierre about his dream opponent for a celebrity fight. Confirming with Adam Catterall whether it could be anybody in history, Georges St-Pierre said that he would love to face Adolf Hitler inside the cage and make him pay for his wrongdoings.

"I think I would someone like Adolf Hitler, someone I could beat the hell out of. He did a lot of evil things. I can take revenge on a lot of people for what he did," Georges St-Pierre said.


While it would be highly audacious for anyone at present to say what would be appropriate retribution for someone like Adolf Hitler, taking a beating inside the octagon from Georges St-Pierre could certainly do some good enough damage.

Georges St-Pierre to focus on the importance of mental health

Among other things, Georges St-Pierre spoke about how important it is for people to open up and talk about mental health in today's world, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic raging on for nearly two years now.

GSP stated that many often have the misconception that people like him, who have managed to reach the highest echelons of their respective professions, do not have internal struggles of their own.

"When people think of a successful athlete, they think of only his glorious times because that's how gets promoted. However, the reality is very different for everybody, even like champions... I had a lot of titles and that's what people talk about when they talk about me, they talk about my career. If they would know how much time I faced heartbreaking situations, situations that I was this close to giving up, to let go everything," Georges St-Pierre said.

Georges St-Pierre added that he was looking forward to shedding some much-needed light on the discussion in his exclusive interview at Arnold Sports Festival UK.

Watch the full interview below:

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