Ian Garry predicts the fight-ending shot for his clash against Daniel Rodriguez at May UFC event 

Daniel Rodriguez (left), Ian Garry (right)
Daniel Rodriguez (left), Ian Garry (right)

Confidence has always been on display anytime Ian Garry is in the octagon and rightfully so, as he is one of the most promising prospects in the sport. To back up his confident nature, the welterweight has predicted how his next fight will end.

Last time out, the Irishman extended his winning run in the UFC to four straight when he picked up his second stoppage inside the octagon against Song Kenan. After enduring an early scare, Garry rallied back, dominating the majority of the fight and eventually finding a TKO finish against his heavy-hitting opponent.

While discussing his upcoming fight against Daniel Rodriguez, Ian Garry was brimming with excitement when detailing how he expects the clash to play out and giving his prediction for the ending sequence, saying:

"This is the first fight in a while where I get to study, like genuinely allow my brain to do what it f***ing does, which is just be so intelligent. This is why my fight IQ is so much greater than everybody else. My brain will just tick and I've already got the map in my head.
"I can tell you how I'm gonna knock him out. Right high kick... If I knock him out with anything else, I didn't mean it. That's the only shot I want. That's the knockout I want, right high kick. I want him stiff on his back."

Garry has often been compared to Conor McGregor in terms of the confidence he brings into each fight. While the two Irish stars aren't too comparable yet, 'The Notorious' has been a huge influence on his fellow countryman's career and you can often see glimpses of that in the cage.

Check out what the rising welterweight had to say about his next fight in the video below.

Ian Garry's next fight: When is the surging talent fighting Daniel Rodriguez?

Just two months after his previous outing, Ian Garry will return to the cage in his toughest test to date when he collides with Daniel Rodriguez on May 13.

This will be the first time the 25-year-old has competed on a UFC card that wasn't a pay-per-view. The welterweight bout will likely commence in the latter stages of the event, with rumors pointing towards it possibly taking up the co-headliner slot.

Taking center stage for the main event in May will be a light heavyweight brawl between the always-entertaining Johnny Walker and former title challenger Anthony Smith.

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