Joe Rogan chokes up over former UFC champ's death, Dee Devlin gets trolled for Conor McGregor's antics, African fighter reacts to Dricus Du Plessis: MMA News Roundup

Joe Rogan (left), Conor McGregor with Dee Devlin (center - via @deedevlin1), Dricus Du Plessis (right - via @dricusduplessis)
Joe Rogan (left), Conor McGregor with Dee Devlin (center - via @deedevlin1), Dricus Du Plessis (right - via @dricusduplessis)

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In today's issue, we talk about Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin, Dricus Du Plessis, and more.

#3. Joe Rogan nearly breaks down revisiting death of former UFC champion

Joe Rogan has long been associated with the UFC. Owing to the nature of his job, he knows many of the fighters personally and can talk about them at length without referring to any notes.

The testosterone-filled environment of an MMA fight does not allow for emotions to be shown. However, Rogan occasionally expresses vulnerability on his podcast, as regular listeners can vouch.

In such a scenario, Rogan was recently brought to tears while speaking with guest Jelly Roll about the death of Evan Tanner. The former UFC middleweight champion passed away in 2008, succumbing to heat stroke while solo camping in Death Valley.

Rogan choked up and fought back tears talking about Tanner's tragic death:

"I've never had a heat stroke, but the way it's described, no matter how tough you are, your brain doesn't work right... Like you're about to die, and then he died."

Watch the segment below:


#2. Fans drag Dee Devlin through the mud for Conor McGregor's recent pictures

It is no easy task to be the life partner or the spouse of a celebrity, let alone a megastar like Conor McGregor. Not only is one exposed to almost the same scrutiny as their better half but they are also subjected to online trolling and hateful comments constantly.

Conor McGregor's fiancee Dee Devlin was recently targeted by fans after the Irishman was seen posing with boxer Ebanie Bridges.

Here is one of the reactions:

Here is another:

Read more reactions here.

Nicknamed 'Blonde Bomber', Bridges is also an OnlyF*ns model. The two took pictures at the Katie Taylor vs. Chantelle Cameron fight, in which McGregor was quite invested.

Bridges recently made news for offering to flash Leeds United soccer players and offer a free OnlyF*ns subscription if they manage to avoid relegation.

#1. Zimbabwean UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo reacts to Dricus Du Plessis' Africa comment

Dricus Du Plessis shot into the limelight for the wrong reasons when he claimed he was more African than the other African-born UFC fighters, such as Israel Adesanya, Francis Ngannou, and Kamaru Usman.

His argument was based on the fact that he still lives and trains in Africa, whereas Adesanya, Ngannou, and Usman have moved out to other places.

Speaking on the matter, Zimbabwean fighter Themba Gorimbo brought up a very crucial point in an interview with Alex Behunin for MMA Mania. He pointed out that while it is true that the trio have relocated and Du Plessis has not, it all comes down to the lack of infrastructure and resources.

He suggested that Du Plessis speaks from a background of privilege where he did not have to struggle to have the proper training, whereas the other three had to fight tooth and nail to get somewhere to have a chance at their current lives.

He also said how Adesanya is a figure African kids look up to, which is not something Du Plessis has achieved.

Listen to Gorimbo's full statement on the matter from the 23:16 mark below:


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