Leon Edwards issues potential street fight threat to Jorge Masvidal for past disrespect - ‘I’ll see him’ 

Leon Edwards (left) and Jorge Masvidal (right). [via Getty Images]
Leon Edwards (left) and Jorge Masvidal (right). [via Getty Images]

Ahead of Leon Edwards' first title defense this weekend at UFC 286 against the man he knocked out cold, the welterweight champion issued a warning to another rival in Jorge Masvidal.

Edwards participated in a segment of answering fan questions on British GQ's official YouTube page. He responded to a YouTube comment from a fan that praised Edwards' journey to the pinnacle of the sport and expressed their interest in seeing 'Rocky' avenge himself against Masvidal.

The fan wrote:

"Glad Leon is finally getting all the credit that he deserves. A lot of people wrote him off but a lot of us knew that he was going to be a champion one day. Hopefully he can avenge them sly punches that Masvidal gave him."

Leon Edwards explained the different trajectories both fighters are currently on but nonetheless reassured fans that a matchup is very likely.

"That's a fight that, right now, it would be hard to make because he's on like a three fight losing streak. And like my career's doing this and his career's doing that. So for it to make sense, it'd be hard, you know? But that’s a fight that's going to happen, either on the street or in the octagon, you know. Preferably in octagon, to get paid. But if not, I'll see him."

Check out the fun segment where Edwards answers fan questions on YouTube:


Leon Edwards' coach talks about the impact of UFC 286 on UK mixed martial arts

Leon Edwards has fought thrice in his home country of England in his UFC career and last fought in front of a home crowd in 2019.

However, his homecoming this time around will have a most befitting payoff for his graft and dedication over the years. It will also be the first time that 'Rocky' will headline a numbered pay-per-view event in England.

Edwards' coach, Joby Clayton, spoke about fighting in front of a supportive crowd:

"Danger! This is straight danger. I think having the title defense in England is very special. It's very special for Leon himself, but it's also special for UK MMA. It's going to lift and inspire so many young people and Leon already inspires so many young people about, but I feel that this is going to elevate it even more."

Clayton also spoke about the welterweight champion being more confident than ever on the back of his 11-fight unbeaten run and sudden introduction

Check out Clayton's full comments on the episode of Embedded on YouTube:


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