MMA fans delight as Greg Hardy suffers brutal knockout loss - ‘Karma for beatin your gf’

Greg Hardy [Images courtesy of @spinningbackfist on Twitter]
Greg Hardy [Images courtesy of @spinningbackfist on Twitter]

MMA fans have been left satisfied this week after controversial former UFC fighter Greg Hardy was knocked out during his bout for Team Combat League boxing.

Hardy made his UFC debut in 2019 after impressing on Dana White's Contender Series 16 one year prior. The 'Prince of War's' time in the UFC didn't prove to be a success however as he was released in March 2022 with a 4-5 (1) record while on a three-fight losing streak.

The controversy surrounding the American stems from 2014 when he was playing in the NFL. The 34-year-old was arrested and found guilty of assaulting his former girlfriend. The case was later dismissed due to the victim not appearing in court, but an investigation led by the NFL found evidence of four instances of Hardy's physical violence, including strangling.

Following his release from the UFC, Greg Hardy has since opted to become a boxer and most recently competed against Alexander Flores for Team Combat League, losing via KO.

Watch the clip here:

MMA fans have since had a field day with the video, with many happy to see Hardy take another loss. One fan even wrote they 'loved' seeing a woman beater get knocked out.

"I'm happy when this happens to legendary women beaters"

Another fan joked that the KO loss for Hardy is proof that God may in fact exist.

"Proof that god exists"

Twitter user @grandaddy_zach stated that the loss was universal Karma for Greg Hardy's arrest.

"Karma for beatin your gf"

Check out more fan reactions below:

Greg Hardy responds after rumours that he is working at Walmart

Former UFC heavyweight and NFL star Greg Hardy recently responded to fans after receiving abuse from the MMA community about his alleged new job.

The 34-year-old, alongside his boxing career, was believed to be working as a Spectrum Internet salesperson at a Walmart. Footage was then released of the former fighter talking about his experiences with customers, both good and bad.

Whilst some supported Hardy's decision to find a steady pay-cheque, others criticized the 34-year-old due to his controversial past. The former NFL player however, opted to clear up the situation.

Sharing a video on his Instagram, Hardy explained that he doesn't work for the supermarket chain, he was just there learning new skills. He said:

"Obviously I don't work at Walmart. I'm out here trying to learn some new skills. If y'all had been paying attention, that's what I do."

Catch the video here:

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