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MMA News: Jose Aldo claims Dana White told him to stop speaking about the fighters' union if he wants a better payday!

Adithya Pai
249   //    18 Oct 2016, 11:38 IST
Aldo is set to go to war with the UFC!

The former featherweight kingpin isn’t happy with being associated with the UFC anymore and has time and time recently requested to be released from his contract.

Jose Aldo has been complaining about the way the UFC has been treating him and after a conversation with Dana White, the former Featherweight champion claims that the UFC President told the Brazillian to stay neutral in the fighters’ union issue for his own monetary benefit.

Aldo had recently stated that if he were to remain in the UFC it would be only for ‘big money’.

According to Aldo, White tried to convince him to stop talking about the fighters union as it would affect the business of the UFC. In doing so, White would provide Aldo with a better paycheck.

"Not only now that I’m the one being affected, but I always talked about it and defended better things for Brazilian athletes," Aldo said. "In a conversation, Dana himself came and told me not to take anyone’s sides because the cake would be split the same for everyone, but I could get a bigger slice if I stayed quiet."

Previously Aldo had explained that a fighters union could mean better ‘privileges’ to the athletes, but fighters remained disunited.

"We should have that a long time ago already," Aldo said according to "Pepper in other's a** is refreshment. When everyone can talk, nobody does, but when you feel it yourself… I think our class is disorganised, disunited. If we were more united, it would be better, for sure. Nobody would do what they want with us.”

Later he commented on the pay structure of the average UFC fighter:

"Today, they pay two, five, ten thousand to fight in the UFC. This class is f***ing disunited. It would be completely different for Brazilians if we were more united, not only in MMA."

White has said that he’s pretty sure Aldo wouldn't go through with his plans to retire, however, after this incident it's quite certain there is more to develop regarding the Brazillian's current status.

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