"Absolutely well deserved" - Fans react as late boxing icon Marvin Hagler gets honored with a statue in Brockton

A statue (right) of Marvin Hagler (left, middle) was recently built in home town of Brockton, Massachusetts. [Image Credit: @realmarvinhagler on Instagram, @LNDNBOXHISTORY on X]
A statue (right) of Marvin Hagler (left, middle) was recently built in home town of Brockton, Massachusetts. [Image courtesy: @realmarvinhagler on Instagram, @LNDNBOXHISTORY on X]

Boxing all-time great Marvelous Marvin Hagler was recently honored with a bronze statue in his hometown of Brockton, Massachusetts. The iron-chinned Hall of Famer was one of the greatest boxers to have ever lived, holding the undisputed middleweight world title for over six years.

He also has what could be the toughest chin in boxing history, having never been knocked out in his entire career. He only had one official knockdown recorded, which was argued to have been a slip against Juan Domingo Roldan in 1984.

Hagler now joins an elite group of individuals in history to have had a statue of them created in their honor. This, to say the least, is a remarkable feat as he will forever be immortalized for the next generations to appreciate.

London Boxing History posted a photo of the statue on X, with the caption:

"Fantastic to see Marvin Hagler finally get his statue in Brockton today. Long may boxing continue to honour our greats ❤️🥊"

Fans are loving this news, with one X user named Thequietman saying:

"Absolutely well deserved what a fighter hagler was my word unbelievable🥊One of the finest that ever graced a boxing ring without question 👊🍀"

JDNY17 said this statue is better than another one of a famous boxer in history:

"That' is better than Rocky's statue"

Check out more fan comments below:

Comments on the tweet. [Image credit: @LNDNBOXHISTORY on X]
Comments on the tweet. [Image credit: @LNDNBOXHISTORY on X]

Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns is the greatest three-round battle in combat sports history

If you're a casual fight fan and want to understand the greatness of Marvin Hagler by just watching one fight, look no further than his three-round war with Thomas Hearns for the undisputed middleweight throne in 1985.

First billed 'The Fight' but soon dubbed as 'The War', the chaotic fight had everything a great boxing match should have: extreme violence, high drama, and a heart-stopping finish.

In less than nine minutes, Hagler and Hearns threw a combined total of 338 punches, landing more than half of them. The brutality, courage, and heart exemplified by both fighters changed the sport of boxing and elevated both of them to legendary status. The fight was so memorable that pundits started using the phrase "Hagler-Hearns" to describe a dramatically violent and exciting fight.

Here's a detailed breakdown of The War as posted by The Modern Martial Artist on YouTube:


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