Aljamain Sterling wants UFC to deny Petr Yan a title rematch as punishment for illegal knee

Petr Yan vs. Aljamain Sterling ended via DQ
Petr Yan vs. Aljamain Sterling ended via DQ

Aljamain Sterling believes that his arch-rival Petr Yan shouldn't be awarded an immediate rematch for the UFC bantamweight title. The newly crowned champion mentioned that in any other sport if an athlete commits an intentional illegal foul, then he/she should be suspended.

However, in this case, Yan is being awarded a rematch against Aljamain Sterling for the UFC bantamweight title. In the lead-up to UFC 260, the new bantamweight champion questioned the UFC's decision to give his 135-pound counterpart a shot at the title.

“Any other sport when you do something intentionally illegal you get suspended, you get fined, you get ejected from the game. This guy is getting rewarded with a rematch, which I get is a big fight. But, it is like, we can just break the rules and nothing is ever going to happen to us. I can just jump the Octagon and nothing is going to happen, I can go and fight another corner or push him after the bell and nothing is ever going to happen. It’s like, I feel like when you have rules for a reason and you have to enforce them or otherwise let’s just run it up.”


Aljamain Sterling and Petr Yan faced-off at UFC 259 in a bantamweight title fight. The bout between the two men started with a fast pace, as both men went back-and-forth in the early stages of the fight.

Sterling had his moments in the title fight, however he was starting to fade away. With Yan taking control of the fight, the now-former champion started to look like the more dominant fighter. However, he ended up landing an illegal knee.

The illegal knee caused Yan to be disqualified, and "The Funkmaster" was crowned the new UFC bantamweight champion in controversial fashion.

Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling are expected to have a rematch this year

Following the controversial DQ finish to the bantamweight title fight, Petr Yan is expected to receive a rematch for the title. A date for Sterling vs. Yan 2 is yet to be announced, but the fight is expected to take place at some point in 2021.

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