Anderson Silva expresses interest in collaborating with Jake Paul to create MMA fighters' union: "I think Jakey and I can do something huge for help"

Jake Paul (left) and Anderson Silva (right)
Jake Paul (left) and Anderson Silva (right)

Anderson Silva is keen to uphold his end of a pre-fight bet with Jake Paul and join hands with the Cleveland native to form a fighters' union.

Silva lost via unanimous decision in his eight-round fight against Jake Paul on Saturday night. In a tightly fought contest, the pair exchanged punches in even fashion, but the judges gave the majority of the rounds to 'The Problem Child'. Despite the promise to knock 'The Spider' out, Paul was elated with the decision victory.

According to Paul, if he won the fight against 'The Spider', then they would have to work together to create a fighters' union. The union will help deal with issues faced by professional MMA fighters. 'The Problem Child' even went as far as to call out Conor McGregor to support the idea.

During Silva's post-fight press conference, he was asked if he intended on following through on the bet he had made with Jake Paul. 'The Spider' said this:

"It's not a UFC union, it's a union that will help and do something better for MMA fighters. I think Jakey and I can do something huge to help this new generation."

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Fighter pay has been an issue in MMA for quite some time, mostly revolving around the UFC. Jake Paul has been immensely vocal on the topic.

With the help of an MMA legend like Anderson Silva, the pair may be able to make a positive impact on the sport.

Anderson Silva says that right now is Jake Paul's moment to shine

Anderson Silva and Jake Paul went to war for eight rounds on Saturday night.

'The Problem Child' was awarded the decision victory, but many felt that the fight was far closer than the scorecards reflected.

In the post-fight press conference, 'The Spider' was as humble as ever and spoke with grace about his defeat to Paul. The Brazilian stated that his opponent deserves respect, and that it was his moment to bask in the glory:

"I think it's very important that people respect Jake's moment now. I'm a black samurai, I know I lost, I failed my whole strategy. And my opponent won, and I need to respect that."

Watch the video below:

"I know I lost": Anderson Silva makes no excuses for his loss to Jake Paul, who was simply "better than me." 🕷️#PaulSilva | Full video:

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