Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen: Live round-by-round updates

The Anderson Silva (left) vs. Chael Sonnen (right) trilogy is tonight [Image Courtesy: @spaten_br via Instagram]

Here are the Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen round-by-round updates, as the two UFC legends look to settle their rivalry once and for all inside the squared circle of boxing. The pair have prior experience with one another, but not in 'The Sweet Science.' Instead, they've clashed in MMA twice.

Both of their previous encounters ended in Silva's favor, especially the second, which saw 'The Spider' score a convincing TKO. Silva will be hoping for a repeat of that performance tonight when he welcomes 'The American Gangster' into the ring for the latter's exhibition boxing debut in a five-round catchweight.

The gap in experience is notable, as the former UFC middleweight champion has fought in boxing before, with a 2021 split-decision win over former WBC middleweight champion Julio César Chávez Jr. He will put his 3-2 professional record against Sonnen's 0-0 run.

Naturally, due to Silva's reputation as an all-time great striker, and Sonnen being a wrestler by trade, many expect 'The Spider' to win. While DraftKings Sportsbook doesn't have the odds for the fight, Odds Shark features them, listing Silva as a -500 favorite, while Sonnen is a +500 underdog.

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Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

Round 1: Silva and Sonnen meet in the center, with the latter applying immediate pressure, feinting, and level-changing as he looks for an opening. Silva moving well from the outside, and neither man committing to any serious punches. A brief clinch ensues near the ropes before the referee breaks them up.

They're throwing now but with little intent. Pitter-patter punches for now. Silva is content to back up to the ropes and lands a few shots to the body. Both men are showing their age. Silva presses the action, and Sonnen lands body shots as the round ends.

Round 2: They're dancing on the outside in the center, but Sonnen wastes little time in pressuring Silva toward the ropes. Silva circles away, trying to find counters off the backfoot. Sonnen maintains his pressure but is warned for landing elbows. Silva lands on the reset, but neither man is looking sharp.

Sonnen forces a clinch, but the referee breaks it up. Silva lands a one-two, and Sonnen tries to answer in kind. They engage in a brief exchange. Silva tries to dance around the outside, looking for an opening, but nothing presents itself as the round ends.

Round 3: Sonnen appears to have tired. Silva starts landing with some urgency, pivoting and circling away to ward off Sonnen's pressure. 'The Spider's' activity has increased, but Sonnen stifles him with a clinch, bullying him toward the ropes before the referee breaks them up. They clinch again, tussling for position, forcing another break from the referee.

Sonnen tries to smother Silva, but misses as Silva bobs and weaves, but lands no counter of consequence. Silva landing more, and rips to the body in a pocket boxing exchange. He lands over the top, forcing a clinch from Sonnen to end the round.

Round 4: Silva is on the front foot now, landing several jabs. Sonnen tries to crowd him, but Silva is the fresher fighter, using lateral movement to counter the American's pressure. They clinch, and the referee breaks them up. Silva lands a few jabs, but nothing with any venom. Sonnen fires back, but Silva ducks under.

Both men trade jabs, before Sonnen tries to clinch, but loses his footing and falls to his back. It's no knockdown, however. Both men end the round in a pocket boxing exchange trading body shots.

Round 5: The final round starts with a touch of gloves. Silva popping out his jab, intercepting Sonnen with a one-two as the latter tried to lunge in. They're meeting in the center, trading punches. Silva snaps Sonnen's head back with a one-two. Sonnen gets another warning for an unintentional elbow.

Silva starting to showboat now, shuffling from side to side before landing a right hand. Sonnen clinches, pushing the Brazilian against the ropes. The referee breaks them up and pauses the action, instructing a cornerman to wipe the blood from Sonnen's nose.

Sonnen stumbles into a clinch, but Silva chucks him off. They end the round exchanging before Sonnen covers up. Sonnen raises his arms, but he doesn't look good, and neither does Silva.

Official Decision: No winner due to exhibition boxing rules.

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