Andrew Tate Trial: Did the influencer hire 15 lawyers to bail him out of jail? Here are the facts

Andrew Tate with a group of people
Andrew Tate with a group of people [Image Courtesy: @Moneybaglives on Twitter]

Andrew Tate, a British social media influencer who has been embroiled in a legal case in Romania alongside his brother Tristan, had his latest bail application rejected. The brothers have been detained since December on serious charges, including rape, people trafficking, and forming an organized crime group.

Despite their denial of any wrongdoing, the investigation into their activities has continued, and the court has determined that they should remain in custody for the time being. A spokesperson for Andrew Tate expressed disappointment at the ruling and indicated that his legal team would pursue an appeal in hopes of securing his release.

According to recent reports by Braso YouTube, Andrew Tate's legal team has undergone significant changes in the midst of his ongoing legal case in Romania. The Tate brothers have apparently added 15 additional lawyers to their legal advisory committee, indicating a renewed effort to defend themselves against the alleged charges.

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Despite this influx of legal expertise, it appears that Tina Glandian, who was previously a member of the team, will not be able to represent the brothers fully. This is due to certain legal restrictions. The exact nature of these restrictions is unclear, but they are likely related to Glandian's prior involvement in high-profile legal cases in the United States.

Andrew Tate chimes in on Eleanor Williams' imprisonment

Recently, Andrew Tate offered his opinion on the contentious Eleanor Williams case. Williams, a British lady, received a prison term for making false accusations of sexual assault on a group of males.

Tate is known for voicing strong and frequently disagreeable opinions, thus his position on this subject has attracted a lot of attention.

Tate stressed the significance of holding people accountable for their actions, regardless of their gender or any other variables, in his analysis of the case. The controversial social media personality said that making false accusations of rape hurts innocent people as well as the credibility of real sexual assault victims.

The former kickboxing champion drew a parallel between his own legal troubles and the case of Eleanor Williams, who was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in jail. She was found guilty of leveling false rape accusations against multiple individuals and asserting that she was trafficked by an Asian grooming group.

'Top G' remarked:

"Never try to destroy someone's life with a lie when yours could be destroyed by the truth."

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