Is Andrew Tate still in Prison?

Last Modified Jun 04, 2023 10:22 GMT
Source- Andrew Tate Instagram (@Cobratate)

No, Andrew Tate has been released from prison but has been placed under house arrest for two months which was extended by another 30 days as of May 2023.

Andrew Tate is a controversial figure and there is no doubt about it. However, the self-proclaimed misogynist is making double the news nowadays for his controversial arrest and jail time. The social media influencer has been serving a 30-day extended detention. Recently he reported that he hired celebrity lawyer Tina Glandian, who is known for working with A-listed celebrities Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, and Chris Brown.

Yet despite that, after being taken into Romanian custody on December 22, Andrew and Tristan Tate were incarcerated for three months. After their bail was continually rejected, their prison sentence was prolonged for an additional month. However, their latest bid to be released from prison was accepted although the Tate brothers have been under house arrest since, with the stint extended by another 30 days as of May 2023.

What did Andrew Tate have to say about his arrest?

Source- Andrew Tate Instagram (@Cobratate)

According to most of his previous videos, Tate emphasized that the government was behind him and that they would put him behind bars by falsely accusing him. He also claimed that they are out to kill him. After spending quite some time in prison, Tate and his legal team claimed that they have made a major breakthrough in court proceedings against the influencer.

Tate took to his Twitter handle to share the news with his fans. He wrote, "My Legal team has done a fantastic job today. As of today, the Judges have been given a very close understanding of the Truth behind the allegations against me. True colors were brought to light. Inshallah, I will be freed." One of Tate's lawyers, Constantin Gliga in a recent statement claimed that prosecutors have failed to bring anything new to light that could move the case forward since the investigation's beginning.

"We have a lot of confidence in today's solution because, in essence, the prosecutor's failure to bring new elements from the perspective of the evolution of this investigation, a very good matter for the defense... After two months of preventive detention, it is unnatural to be with the file in exactly the same phase as you were two months ago when the measure of preventive detention was taken," she said.

Did Andrew Tate threaten the accuser?

Source- Andrew Tate Instagram (@Cobratate)

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have been spending days in jail after he was arrested over allegations of human trafficking, rape, and organized crime. Recently it was brought to light that the internet personality has threatened legal action against one of the women who accused him of rape and human trafficking.

According to BBC, a US law firm representing the Gate brothers sent a 'cease-and-desist' letter to the unnamed woman's American lawyer. The letter threatened the woman and her family with a $300 million lawsuit if she did not retract her accusations.

"In April 2022," the letter reads, "you falsely stated to a third party that our Client human trafficked you, abused you and held you against your will [...] You have repeated false and defamatory statements to the police, the media, and another United States citizen about the Tate brothers," it adds as per the outlet.

Has Andrew Tate been released from Prison?

Due to the seriousness of the offences they are under investigation for, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan had their initial one-month prison period repeatedly extended since their arrest in December of last year. During this time, neither of them was allowed to file a request for bail.

The Tates were originally held in jail due to the courts' concern that they would be able to utilise their wealth to escape the country, but they have now been freed and have returned to their home in Romania. However, Tate’s most recent bid to be released from Romanian confinement had been granted although he and his brother have been placed under house arrest and continue to be under investigation for human trafficking.

In addition, as of June 4th, 2023, the brothers have been confined to their home for two months, with an additional 30-day extension granted by a court order on May 20th, 2023. Tate tweeted his reaction to the news, claiming he "wasn't told why" his stay had been prolonged.

“Today I was ordered to 30 more days under house arrest. I wasn't told why. 3 months in a dungeon, now 3 months at home. Police guard my house, if I leave, they return me to the dungeon. I have not been free for a single day this year,” Tate wrote on the social media platform.


Q. What is Andrew Tate’s real name?

A. Andrew Tate’s real name is Emory Andrew Tate III.

Q. What is Andrew Tate's brother's name?

A. Andrew Tate's brother's name is Tristan Tate.

Q. Where does Andrew Tate hail from?

A. Andrew Tate was born in Washington, D.C., in the United States.

Q. Who did Andrew Tate have a feud with recently?

A. Andrew Tate recently had a feud with environmental activist Greta Thunberg.
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