"Taking up 75% of the bed" - Angela Lee laughs about her 'big baby' amid Simpsons comparison

Angela 'Unstoppable' Lee with her daughter, Ava Marie [Credit: One Championship]
Angela 'Unstoppable' Lee with her daughter, Ava Marie [Credit: One Championship]

Women's Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee recently tagged her husband on Instagram with a picture of The Simpsons watching TV to jokingly say, "This is us." She then followed up by saying:

"Just missing our big baby in the middle of us, taking up 75% of the bed 😂."

The young couple welcomed their daughter Ava Marie last year. It looks like they're still getting used to being parents while juggling their professional careers. The atomweight champion lovingly dotes on her daughter, who has only brought smiles and giggles to the young family.

Check out her Instagram story below:

Angela Lee laughs about her baby taking up most of the bed space.
Angela Lee laughs about her baby taking up most of the bed space.

As a world champion and full-time mom, Ava Marie is and has been the source of Lee's motivation to be a better version of herself. She told Harper's Bazaar:

“Motherhood has changed me completely. I never knew how much I could love someone. She really is the definition of true love. Now, my number one priority is my daughter. She is my motivation, she is my reason and my why. She makes me want to strive to be the best person I can be.”

The champion not only made historic strides in her division to defend her title for a fifth time, she was also the first mom to do so. Lee looks at motherhood with pride, and hopes to inspire other working moms in the world that they are capable of doing the same.

She said on Instagram:

"As a woman, and now as a mother, I do feel a sense of pride in what I'm doing and I hope it does inspire other women, mothers, or young girls out there because it's tough work and it should be celebrated."

Angela Lee enjoyed a recent family trip to Brazil

Angela Lee and her family have enjoyed some vacation time in the past month since her title fight at ONE:X.

After "4 flights and over 24 hours of travel", the young family made it from Honolulu, Hawaii to Curitiba, Brazil to meet their Brazilian family.

The champion posted on Instagram saying:

"I'm so happy that @bpucci and I are finally able to bring Ava to meet her Brazilian family! We were also able to bring my sister for her graduation present/18th birthday! 🎁"

The family spent seven days of bliss and happiness in Brazil before returning home. However, on their way back, they experienced some issues with their airline in Houston.

They had originally planned to travel to Vancouver to visit their Canadian family. They were forced to buy a ticket home though after realizing that the airline had made an error with their luggage and their tickets.

Check out Angela Lee's full story below:

It was a bittersweet ending to their trip, however, their bags were found and they managed to get a full refund for their tickets.

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