Ariel Helwani advises Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia against airing their dirty laundry in public

Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia [Left] Ariel Helwani [Right] [Images courtesy: @boxingscene (Twitter) and @arielhelwani (Instagram)]
Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia [Left] Ariel Helwani [Right] [Images courtesy: @boxingscene (Twitter) and @arielhelwani (Instagram)]

The feud between Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia reached such a boiling point that veteran journalist Ariel Helwani felt compelled to remind both boxing figures to 'keep it in house.' This past week, Garcia tweeted how he felt abandoned by his team after the Gervonte Davis loss.

Oscar De La Hoya replied to 'The Flash,' telling him that it was his fault he lost the bout and that he should stop crying. Veteran sports journalist Ariel Helwani responded to De La Hoya's tweet, telling him it wasn't a good look for De La Hoya to be fighting with his biggest star.

Here's what Ariel Helwani posted in reply:

"Horrible look to be publicly fighting with your biggest star. Regardless of who’s wrong or right, keep this in house.

Here's what Oscar De La Hoya's reply to Ryan Garcia read:

"WTF, Ryan Garcia, it's been almost two months, and you're still crying about the post-fight presser? The blame for your loss is on you and your 'advisor' Lupe [Valencia]. He is the one that pushed you to accept that insane rehydration clause, and that is the reason you lost. Man up. Own that."

At the Davis-Garcia post-fight press conference, Ryan Garcia's then-trainer Joe Goossen didn't appear with the 25-year-old boxer. He was, instead, accompanied by his father and co-trainer, Henry Garcia, and adviser, Lupe Valencia.

On May 1st, news broke that Garcia was no longer with his trainer of three years, Joe Goossen. Who Garcia will train with next is unclear, however.

The beef between promoter and fighter, Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia explained

The De La Hoya-Garcia beef reached new heights this last week, with both boxing icons going back and forth on Twitter. One should take note that Garcia is managed and promoted by De La Hoya. 'The Flash' represents De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions and is contractually tied to the organization until 2026.

The beef seemingly started when 'The Golden Boy' announced he was planning a bout between Garcia and the legendary Manny Pacquiao. Garcia seemed to have other plans, naming his next three opponents in order, thereby putting his promoter on the spot.

As per reports by Michael Benson, De La Hoya was keen on pushing a fight between the Filipino boxer and the Mexican-American. Here's what the tweet by Michael Benson read:

"Ryan Garcia’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya has told reporters that he’s now looking at Manny Pacquiao as a potential opponent for Garcia’s next fight, 'Manny vs Ryan, you know how huge that would be? I’m gonna pursue that and we’ll see what the best option is for Ryan.'"

'The Flash' reposted the tweet above with the following captions:

"This isn't happening. I said what I wanted. Tired of this."

Garcia then posted the following:

Here's a closer look at Oscar De La Hoya's recent tweet and what followed, between the retired boxer and promoter and his star prospect:

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