Aung La N Sang says he will look for a finish against Fan Rong even "if it means grappling"

(left) Aung La N Sang and (right) Fan Rong [Credit: ONE Championship]
(left) Aung La N Sang and (right) Fan Rong [Credit: ONE Championship]

Former two-division world champion Aung La N Sang says he is willing to grapple with Fan Rong only if it means getting the finish.

Returning to fight in the US after nearly a decade, it’s obvious that Aung La wants to leave a big impression on the big stage. However, it’s easier said than done.

With Fan Rong showing an aptitude for grappling as well as for striking, Aung La may find himself in a tough spot if the fight goes to the ground. Despite having a slight disadvantage in his ground game, ‘The Burmese Python’ is confident that he’ll find the finish wherever the fight takes him.

Speaking more on the subject, the 37-year-old legend told SCMP MMA:

“We’ll see you know, but from my scouting reports he’s actually a grappler too. Just, he’s more of a grappler too so I don’t know. If the opportunity presents itself [then] yes, but you know what my game is. Everybody knows what my game is. I’m looking for a finish and if it means grappling, I will grapple. If it means striking I will strike but I’m gonna look for a finish.”

Indeed, Fan Rong has employed a more wrestling-heavy style in his last few fights with ONE Championship and in other minor promotions with considerable effect. However, he does have some weaknesses in his game which Aung La can exploit. Although the Chinese grappler has shown an incredible takedown offense in ONE, he has difficulties finding a submission.

This is the area where Aung La can really shine. He’s well-conditioned to defend any takedowns, tackles, or submission attempts with minimal effort. If Fan Rong can’t impose his will on Aung La, then it’s game over for the Chinese warrior.

Watch Aung La N Sang vs. Fan Rong on Friday, May 5, at ONE Fight Night 10 on Prime Video at 1stBank Center in Colorado. The entire card will be available live and for free to all Prime Video subscribers in North America.

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Aung La N Sang is excited to have his entire family watching his fight live in Colorado

Aung La N Sang is thrilled to fight in the US after years of fighting in Asia with the promotion.

Now, his entire family will have the opportunity to see their husband, father, uncle, and friend fighting under the big lights of the 1stBank Center Stadium in Colorado.

Training has also become a whole lot easier for the Burmese-American veteran since his gym at Kill Cliff FC is based in South Florida.

Feeling grateful for the chance to fight close to home, Aung La N Sang continued to say in the same interview:

“Yep, my whole family will be there. I already rented out an AirBNB for them so it’s gonna be good.”

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