BKFC fighter calls for boxing rematch after UFC veteran admits to steroid usage

Mike Perry [Left] Donald Corrine [Right] [Images courtesy: @bareknucklefc and @espnmma (Twitter)]
Mike Perry [Left] Donald Corrine [Right] [Images courtesy: @bareknucklefc and @espnmma (Twitter)]

Retired UFC fighter Donald Cerrone has put on a considerable amount of muscle since retiring from the sport in July 2022. 'Cowboy' admitted to taking steroids in order to bulk up post-retirement.

Responding to Cerrone's open admission, former UFC welterweight and current BKFC fighter Mike Perry challenged the veteran 'Cowboy' to a boxing match. 'Platinum' took to Twitter to post the following:

If you’re looking to box @Cowboycerrone I’m up for my rematch. . .

Here is what the caption of Mike Perry's tweet read:

"If you're looking to box, [Cowboy Cerrone], I'm up for my rematch."

Donald Cerrone fought Mike Perry in a welterweight bout in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 139. After a few exchanges on the feet, Perry took Cerrone down but couldn't make much of the takedown since Cowboy reversed the position.

After controlling 'Platinum', Cerrone found himself in the bottom position from where he set up a trapped triangle position before eventually transitioning to an arm-bar. Perry made the mistake of trying to slam 'Cowboy' with a fully locked arm-bar, which sunk the joint lock in tighter. Donald Cerrone eventually finished Mike via submission in the first round.

Donald Cerrone says he felt Mike Perry’s arm ‘pop’ before UFC Denver submission finish (@marc_raimondi)…

Both men, however, found relatively little success in the UFC after their bout. Mike Perry amassed a 2-4 record, while Donald Cerrone went 2-6 (1 NC) after their UFC bout.

Donald Cerrone split with Jackson-Wink MMA prior to UFC bout with Mike Perry

Donald Cerrone was an OG at the Jackson-Wink MMA academy and trained with the team for a decade before leaving them in 2018. While 'Cowboy' had a good relationship with Greg Jackson, the founder of the academy, he wasn't in such good terms with Mike Winkeljohn.

In the fight between Donald Cerrone and Mike Perry, 'Platinum' knocked on the doors of Jackson-Wink MMA since he didn't have a steady training camp. While 'Cowboy' told his coaches that he preferred 'Platinum' training elsewhere, they decided to accept Perry into the camp against Cerrone's wishes.

The move left a sour taste in Cerrone's mouth as he felt betrayed by his own team. On episode 39 of the JRE MMA Show, 'Cowboy' opened up about the rift between him and his former team. Here's what he had to say:

"When it came time to pick the decision [between Mike Perry and I], and they said we wanted to go with Perry, why the f**k didn't you stand [up for me]? Because Greg's still with me. He's like, 'I'll just come to the [BMF] ranch and we'll sort this out.' And, I'm like, 'What the f**k are you talking about?
"You tell me I can't come to the Jackson-Wink gym, but you're going to backdoor and come to my f*****g house, and we're going to train while Perry's there at the gym. You see everything he does, and then you're going to come and you're going to train me."

While Cerrone acknowledged that the Jackson-Wink camp wouldn't train Perry to beat Cerrone, there were a lot of Cerrone's old teammates who could have given Perry a game plan to beat Cerrone.


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