Donald Cerrone

Cowboy Cerrone Presents Kevin Harvick With UFC belt

Full NameDonald Cerrone

BornMarch 29, 1983




‘Cowboy’ Donald Cerrone is one of the top fighters to enter a Mixed Martial Arts

Octagon. Currently signed to UFC, Donald Cerrone competes in the UFC Lightweight Division.

Early Life and Debut:

Early in his life, ‘Cowboy’ Donald Cerrone was diagnosed with Attention Deficit

Disorder, but did not get treated, and would often get into fights. In his early days he

learnt bull riding, and got into it professionally. At 20, he trained in kickboxing and

Muay Thai, with the help of which he took part in competitions.

He trained for his journey into MMA at Freedom Fighters gym, with the likes of Jon

Jones, Rashad Evans, GSP, among others.

Run in UFC:

In UFC ‘Cowboy’ Donald Cerrone fought at Lightweight for a large part of his career.

With 19 fights in the UFC, he only had 4 losses even challenging and failing to win

the UFC Lightweight title. Then he made the jump to Welterweight. While his

Welterweight run began well, it did not last, quickly racking up another 4 losses.

In his last fight against Alexander Hernandez, he won his fight, and made his return

to Lightweight once again.


Donald Cerrone currently holds the records for the most wins in the UFC history with

22, as well as the most finishes in the history of the company with 16 to his name.

He currently is also the joint holder for the fighter with most fights for the Octagon.

He holds that record with Jim Miller, another veteran of the UFC.

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